Chimney Crow – Band Meeting #1

2Artist: Chimney Crow
title: Band Meeting #1
keywords: experimental, alternative, strange, video
label: electric phantom

Christmas comes early this year, as Chimney Crow gets his Christmas lights on and appears to summon the unholy ghost of the festive season. It might be a mind fuck if Satanic Santa would lower himself down the Chimney that is Chimney Crow, but as that might turn into a bloody abrupt ending of this video; I’m happy to confirm that this is not the case.

Instead Chimney Crow’s ritual of holy candle delights and possible illustrative Satanic Santa worship will work out quite fine over here. But children will be disappointed as it’s not Santanic Santa who is summoned, but in fact it’s the band members of Chimney Crow. Chimney Crow doesn’t work alone, as the album title clearly counts; Chimney Crow is a band! The band members might be a bit difficult to trace, but with the pretty candles and turntable triggered skull turning; Chimney crow gets the bunch together in able to discuss a drastic discussion.

Why are we so strange? Why do people say that we are strange? Why are we pretending to be so strange? These are a few of the discussion points on the band meeting’s agenda. As non-band members we can only peek into this extraordinary strange backstage world and can only guess the answers and future band plans that the band ‘Chimney Crow’ makes. I only hope it will feature more candle light, perhaps some snow, involves less violence and perhaps indeed the appearance of the so awaited Satanic Santa for a guest appearance.

But with strange bands like Chimney Crow, nobody knows what will happen next.
Nobody knows when the sledge hammer will strike again, and drastic plans are made in order to conquer the world without giving any clues away. Why is Chimney Crow so strange? Why are we so strange? Why can you lick your own eye ball with the tip of your tongue? Why do you press play on the following video?
We should do a serious ‘writer and reader meeting’ pretty soon too and hopefully come up with some strange answers. Enjoy!

For (if there is any!) more information, and the possibility to obtain the ‘Chimney Crow is a band album’, it is advised to check out

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