Elizabeth Veldon – Music For Dead Factories 1 – 3

Artist: Elizabeth Veldon
title: Music For Dead Factories 1 – 3
keywords: experimental, avant garde, electronic, noise, United Kingdom
reviewer: Willem van O.

Elizabeth Veldon’s Music for Dead Factories made me think. The actual ‘music’ captured here on these three blocks of thirty to twenty minutes of sound doesn’t really seem to register in my mind as actual music. Not that it isn’t pleasant sound-wise, just (even though being open minded and all that…) I can’t seem to register this as actual music. It makes me think of Karl Heinz Stockhausen and his research of the question ‘music or sound?’ Perhaps the stretched out sound captured here by Elizabeth Veldon and lack of ‘music’ registration in my mind, can be more easily explained by the easy explanation that indeed we are humans, and this is music made only for the ears of factories; dead ones even!

So perhaps this is indeed music, just finely decoded in a way that you are only able to hear it when you are indeed a factory that has somehow died. Which in case of that happening, throws up even a more important question; how could the factory hear it, when it’s already dead?

Perhaps it isn’t ‘music’ for dead factories at all, but more ‘music’ that is used in factories of death. I’m sure they are out there somewhere and if not; it’s easy to go down in the dark side of history to see that they have existed: H.H. Holmes and his murder castle comes to mind, and even that shouting guy with that tiny square mustache stuck underneath his nose… I expected that modern day factories of death would play a fair amount of Justin Bieber just to make the processed living things more open for their involuntarily endings. I had never thought that they would play something like these over stretched drones by Elizabeth Veldon that I can’t hear the music in. Perhaps that’s the whole point, killing people slowly off mentally by claiming that this is music, while it’s actually just a long version of a sound: see I indeed died a little by just going through this absurd thinking process.

Perhaps I have to redefine what music is, and not take everything so literarily. Especially when I see the overwhelming financial support of people paying money for this release; they can’t be all dead factories, or runners of factories of death, right? Although; who knows, they might actually are dead factories or runners of factories of death… Maybe someone should do some research on these supporters; are they still alive or simply involved with death one way or another?

So yes, if you are like me a tough crowd with outdated opinions about what is music and what is actually just a long sound; you might be in for a long session i\of scratching your head and asking questionable questions… But if indeed you are a dead factory (!) and for some miracle reason not dead enough to check this release out, you might actually perceive some music:

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