MushroomWavedcollar – Distillation

Artist: MushroomWavedcollar
title: Distillation
keywords: experimental, chillout, dissociative, electronic, emotional, fusion, illbient, psychedelic, screwgaze, techno, witch house, город Смоленск

MushroomWavedcollar doesn’t seem to have time for bullshit; no seconds are spilled and no minutes are wasted. Straight out of the blue this album instantly starts as it skips the standard introduction. What a good idea; the more to the point it is the more time we will be able to enjoy the happy journey.

The electronic music that is this ‘journey’ is sounding really nice and dense, I feel all warm and strangely loved when hearing it. The track certainly sounds like an adventure, but it is one that is pleasantly keeping the comfortable vibes together, as if it’s a pre-planned journey that skips all the unpleasant parts of the trip, and shows us only the best views, and the nicest locations. It makes me feel like sitting in a fun fair ride that isn’t about adrenaline or speed, but more one that you can enjoy with the family pet on your lap. There is a bit of guitar in there, and a summer’s breeze; but in all fairness it sounds nicely polished in flexible electronics.

Without any introduction the music flops in to a different direction, without losing its adventurous friendliness. A warm trumpet will start the ears here from the inside out, and to get things really comfy and bright; this all seems to be brought in with a groovy lose weight sounding jazzy drum loops. The trumpet might be only pepping once and a while, shaking the vibes up with charming charms, but it gets greatly substituted by a full endorsement of thick warm pads. The music really goes through a nice progression here, but it’s best to see it as the soundtrack for every occasion instead of over analyzing and totally missing the point.

In other words the experimental music might be difficult to grasp how things are made and put together by MushroomWavedcollar, but if you just sit back and let go of the rules of knowledge; real magic happens!  In this case it’s a track named ‘Noir’, which sounds perfect and in full harmony on the outside, but acclaimed in difficulty in its musical sterns. It’s as if radio’s that are tunes on different stations are playing through each-other and miracle above miracle lock into each other’s grooves like a disc-jockey and great turntable skills would do. It’s really cool!

Talking about ‘Cool’ , ‘light’ is also cool, going for an experimental jazzy, electronic psychedelic session that sounds as if it will nestle itself kindly in your music loving mind with no intention to leave. It’s the tune with fat synth sounding sounds and mysteriously engaging togetherness in sound. It’s definitely happy and welcome as a guest in my head, and how about you?

When the next part of the good music trip presents itself I feel like losing myself complete in it. The music is hypnotic and mysteriously mixed in a way that losing one’s mind is a fully acceptable thing to do over here. It’s called ‘elevator music’ and definitely moves floors up in the psychedelic factor.

The last track is ‘ain’t it dead yet’ and it feels like it’s the most chilled out one on this release, carefully calming and preparing the listeners to their return to reality. That is, of course, if you don’t play this release all over from the beginning again. It’s the kind of album that makes you want to hit the repeat button, so don’t be afraid to take on this trip of consistently good and creative music!

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