Vomir – Black Bag

Artist: Vomir
title: Black Bag
cat: WARD017
format: cassette / digital
keywords: experimental, harsh noise wall, Rome
label: Signora Ward Records
reviewer: Simon Hit

Oh my gosh! Oh my goodness! The latest release on Signora Ward is beyond all the wildest expectations! Out of the blue and without any warning the label dropped a release that made me instantly wet my pantyhose! With great joy in my heart I like to share it with the dear readers of this blog, as it will certainly be most likely the album that will make your day!

For the fan of audio trapped on cassette; this is the tape of the hotter than hot master of the delicate side of HNW named ‘Vomir’. You might know Vomir, heard the name, or maybe seen him performing on the goodbye show of David Letterman… In any case and without doubt, this fresh release is one in which his acclaimed sound style has yet again embraced a form of perfectionism that will establish his name even further.

Without bigotry Vomir delivers two, obviously ‘delicate’ made tracks who (like most of Vomir’s work) will wow many minds away. It has the right volume, the perfect balance and the directness that Vomir is so famous for. It’s Vomir doing what Vomir does best; bringing you the familiar sound in which you can rely on. With this strong block of HNW bliss Vomir keeps bringing painless comfort for the fans, but also to the rare crowds who have been walking around clueless without the music of Vomir on their sides. So in case being unfamiliar with the quality controlled work of this spectacular artist named Vomir, this release might in fact be a great warm welcome in his grand body of work.

Little bit less then one hour in total is delivered here, and without any difficulties (and definitely no unwanted interference!) is the long lasting perfect blast that will certainly gain Vomir new fans, and even more love and praises from the members of the die-hard loyal Vomir fan club. In fact you might want to hurry up and get a tape now, before these ‘Blag Backs’ are all sold out:

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