YONI YUM – Clam Glam

Artist: YONI YUM
title: Clam Glam
keywords: experimental, dark, electro, post-punk, psychedelic, synth, punk
reviewer: Willem van O.

This is nice; a bit like a strange cocktail which you probably would like the taste off, and yet dangerously manages to get you drunk in a couple of seconds. That’s pretty quick this instant drunkenness that I’m blabbing about… but as this appears without all the puking, falling over and making a fool out of yourself; the drunkenness that automatically comes when engaging in this EP is quite marvelous.

It’s basically only the good things of the musical drunk times that are perceived over here; you know the happy high times! The instant freedom dance moves and no shame whatsoever, and that feeling of being super, feeling flexible enough in order to freak out the body in order to be one with the intense music.

The melodies are frantic, irresistible, active, and let’s say; the form of great material that psychiatric doctors would find great satisfaction in! It’s a happy fest of tunes in which the ass can be swung in all kinds of positions, and when being ‘out of mind’ enough, can even be sung along with! The female vocalist sings like she is under a unbelievable spell, and together with the hallucinating guitar, tight swinging drums and loosely Swinging base; it’s pretty much the best possible thing to brighten up the horror that is ‘Monday’.

This is what researchers would say ‘feel music’ or music that should give you the ‘feels’. But whatever the researchers would come up with, I would say that the instant benefits of being drunk on this instant music is really doing good for humans and their well-being. I mean there aren’t any livers being poisoned, and there isn’t the slightest possible way this happy music would turn you into a violent drunken monster.

And even if the band plays slow, or do it in full speed; they play it well while keeping the psychedelic doors of music always open. So polite, as like this it’s very easy for us people to walk through, and get that buzz that they secretly implanted in their music. It’s nice stuff, a bit like magic… and I guess its best perceived when played loud and sober; although listening to these tunes while high and drunk might even give you extra higher heights!

I have no reason to tell you not to click the link, and feel those excellent vibes:

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