Alphastare – Early Works

Artist: Alphastare
title: Early Works
keywords: electronic, abstract, ambient, experimental, noise, soundscape, San Francisco

Cycles is the perfect morning material, or even for fine afternoons (if you happen to be a vast sleeper who likes to wake up late). It’s a very soft, fragile and pleasant sounding mellowness and it’s more or less all that you need to feel cozy and relaxed.

‘Sliding ever sideways’ is also of this soft fuzzy kind, but instead of just warming you up and delivering a soundtrack that will compliment bed sheets and a comfy pillow; the music here seems to be a bit more about slight action. Not real action as in running around, but more action as in turning on your other side while being in horizontal sleeping position.

Saucers Landing’ is working fine as a little stimulant to get your eyes slowly  open in order to escape the delicious delight of doing nothing but hiding under a soft pair of blankets. There is even a thin drum loop, some teaspoon backdrops clinging politely to a plate and a cheese grater; it’s like listening to the concept of having a good morning and even the handling of brushing teeth can be found somewhere in here. The flying saucers might in this case refer to someone serving you breakfast in bed. How nice!

Then there is ‘Fall’ which comes across as exploring fall through the eyes of an alien space ship. It’s strangely spacey and does its best to import enough mystic rhythm to get some nose hairs waving in the friendly wind.

Circling is what you could say ‘a track that builds up’. The main ingredient is a deep synth drone clearly sweeping the mind into that of a clear being. The changes and build up ingredients are making it one of those relaxing adventures that would be extra fun to hear when wearing a NASA costume.

More ‘saucers’ are introduced at the last track on this collection of Alphastare’s golden oldies. This time they are not about making or serving breakfast, but actually about being flying saucers making omnipresent sounds of their existence. They obviously come in piece, and if not; then they are pretty well camouflaged.

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