One Eyed Jack – Sea plants pollen

Artist: One Eyed Jack
title: Sea plants pollen
keywords: one eyed jack, sea plants pollen

Don’t let album titles deceive you; this isn’t an album that goes on some kind of complimentary biological journey of praising underwater plants, but more a set of strongly performed mindsets in which you will be surprised by it surpassing those expectations that the album title and artwork intend to give. The first tune for example is  what I would like to call a strong opener with its vibe of pigs making their pig-like sounds on a tune that consist of alternative electric guitar rock stuff that for some reason made me think of ‘Nine Inch Nails’, especially when the voice of the singer pops up and sings in a devoted way that we all have one thing in common; insanity.

But perhaps we got more uncommon then this; as everyone likes good music and nobody really likes to pay for it. And that’s why this album is so highly recommended because this is surprisingly given away for free, and sounds pretty much like something you should actually pay good money for. The alternative band this time really seems to be original and has a strong identity on their own, and this is not just me (as what we do on a regular basis) praising some dreadful shit that sounds like a shit, but actually in all sincere honesty is sounding pretty good!

Regular readers would probably have a hard time believing this, but trust me; if you are into alternative music that stands strong on its own feet in a world among fakes; then this free downloadable album might be turning into a public’s favorite.

What surprises me the most is that the band responsible for this album is hailing from the north of Italy, as their style and clear vocals (in English, mind you!) sounds no less than their English speaking counter parts. There are no Italian accents or even small hints to the country’s famous cuisine, but instead would be very believable as a band hailing from America (from a place yet unaffected of cool aid drinks and gigantic hamburger chains).

Yep, there is no reason to do a track by track review as the album is pretty much together and is suggested to hear and be enjoyed as one. It seems to bring the best from themselves, ‘sea plants pollen’, as with their strong attitudes to deliver passionate music without the tight concept of teenage punk, I think it’s quite successful. It’s a great substitute to commercial bands who have lost all their passion in their recording process, as these Italians are keeping things real and sound in fact ‘way better’ and properly devoted to give you the best.
1here is a friendly link from which this album can be downloaded from:

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