Tom & Art / Mostly Damien – Art Is Hard (Split EP)

Artists: Tom & Art / Mostly Damien
title: Art Is Hard (Split EP)
keywords: electronic, experimental, improvisation, plunderphonics, Chicago

Come back inside as Tom & Art has music for you there. It isn’t the normal stuff, so you’d better hurry up. When walking in the music you can feel the vibe of a whole bag of happy lost and found nicked bits that regained a wonderful life as reconstructed in an almost elevating new purpose. There is certain cuteness to it, a youthful sentiment too & there are those vocals that are so kindly recorded through a helpful modern dandy telephone. Tom & Art sound sweet, without being too much… Coloring a colorful book of lovely melodies, feel good lightweight drum programming and a sentimental intimacy that is fairly hard to come across with. The songs vary from very close and upfront, to more like positive sound wizardry that you expect to belly dance with. Even though Tom & Art might work in a plunder-phonic kind of way, it doesn’t sound that way; making it a complete blend of loveliness that sounds unlike anything else that you might have heard today. (Unless you had been listening to this release before me mentioning it here…)

The tracks done by Mostly Damien are titled ‘Dollars’ but are sounding like a high on speed tap dancing version of Bill Cosby after positively drugging a new honeybee for fun! Mostly Damien has large shoes, and by using then to tap dance on all kind of experimental material brings certainly a very interesting organic rhythmic session out in the open. It’s a very active set in which it wouldn’t be hard to imagine Mostly Damien having some happy voodoo roots, as there is definitely something very psychedelic to these dollar dances.
The second dollar work also lets out a quality guitar to become one with the improvisational session. It keeps listeners from dehydration as there are nice moments of rest, or even just plain listening without wanting to join along and engage in a tap dance. It is definitely “feel” music and delivered in such a way that it won’t be hard to be felt. Art might be hard; but both Mostly Damien & Tom & Art did all the hard work for us for us to engage in a plug & play kind if way!

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