ahnaiya Russell – Nostalgica

Artist: Tahnaiya Russell
title: Nostalgica
keywords: electronic, experimental, hip-hop, IDM, London, UK, Los Angeles
Reviewer: Willem van O.

Old tracks made back in the day by Tahnaiya Russell and thought fondly off by the one who made it. This is what Nostalgia is all about, things from once past, even though it might not even be our own. Tahnaiya Russell’s blast from the past starts with ‘Blame’ which brings in rhythmic experimental hip hop with added vocals that strangely sounds as if they sing something like ‘freaky bottom’ . I do not really like how it sounds, but I do believe it has certainly nostalgic value for the artist. More enjoyable in my ears is Dickmatized (ft. tommy shagreen) which is more straightforward rhythm wise, and the sounds seems to be more compatible together. Of course the small acid snippet also helps to cheer up the opinion in to a positive one; see not all nostalgia has to be personal, they can certainly be enjoyed with people that have no sentimental attachment to the recording.

Freak 2010′ is also quite nice, it has a dub club vibe over it, and at the same time provides something that might be heard in adventurous chill out corners. There is some mellow piano-ish bits, a conversation and then it’s done. Time for more nostalgia by bringing ‘Nostalgica’ , a track that seems to live through the function of a music program in which the producer is able to play with bits of a important track. It’s done strategically and the result sound (still in this year of 2015) modern and even more commercially accepted.
This means that Tahnaiya Russell was actually quite ahead of time at the time of this production, but also smart to release these golden oldies in the now that is now.

Then there is a fairly minimal track named ‘New Cross Gate’ and it comes across as if walking around in a train station as music and an announcement about life is being made through the speakers by a woman with a Jamaican accent. From this the contrast is quite extreme to go into a weirdly violently happy, yet angry sounding ‘sex free rent’ tune. I like this one personally, a lot… It captures the creepiness of some advertisers in the city who indeed promises free rooms in exchange for sexual dirtiness. I always wonder what kind of perverted old and ugly landlords that must be, and how desperate and poor the renters… In any case the music here captures this dark side, bubbling away in a acid kind of way that walks on high heels trembling upon the dirtiness as if disgusted by these dodgy rental deals. This music here kicks quite some ass!

With ‘lost’ we can hear Tahnaiya Russell bringing her take on being (indeed) lost. It is fairly minimal and quite hollow sounding. It’s here in fact that I think that this nostalgic release might be even connected to a very personal story. But without thinking too much, there is track named ‘skinhead’ pounding away and doing its dinosaur business. It’s very short, but has the right beats to provide something of a stable message. ‘South Central Candy Land’ is a more laid back synthesizer bubble, which nicely flows along making me feel like walking in some sunny city. The ‘Nuclear H acid II’ is more a short impression of this style of minimal and experimental beats, and ‘the last run’ is not so much running, more a drowsy lengthy session of city flow in gloomy line lights. The nostalgic value for Tahnaiya Russell might be present all through this release of old songs, but as a new and fresh listener it would probably have not so much things to be nostalgic about. But who knows, maybe this will change in a few years of time…

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