Eliot Cardinaux – Either/Or

Artist: Eliot Cardinaux
title: Either/Or
keywords: experimental, improvised music, jazz, new music, ornette colleman,poetry,
reviewer: Willem van O.

Eliot Cardinaux comes across as a nice man, attempting to do nice things for causes that he cares about. With this little two track EP of his, he shows his love for children and his love and respect for Ornette Coleman. But let’s start with the children first… Eliot did a kind thing; composing a piano piece suitable for the children. The idea is very nice and as an adult I quite seem to enjoy the composition, which comes across like the music that would suit some kind of silent movie with a strange mood and sometimes prettiness. It must be a group of very specific kind of kids who will be happy with this composition… To me (even though the intentions are good) I kind of feel as if your aunt has giving you a knitted sweater instead of the birthday gift that you had wished for… Although it is true that a music composition is incomparable gift to an itchy sweater, and (in a perfect world) children should be very pleased receiving a classy composition by Eliot Cardinaux.

Unfortunately Ornette Coleman would never receive Eliot Cardinaux respectable tribute, as this cover of an original ‘Ornette Coleman’ classic had been kindly and respectfully recorded on the day that Ornette Coleman had died. Of course cheap jokes could be made that Ornette Coleman had died because of this Eliot Cardinaux tribute, but that wouldn’t be a respectful (or very accurate) joke to make. Besides maybe Ornette Coleman would be happy to hear it from his humble abode somewhere in heaven, and in case of him being reincarnated as a new child; he would probably enjoy Eliot Cardinaux work for children too.

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