mhzesent – Rabbit Hide Tapestry

Artist: mhzesent
title: Rabbit Hide Tapestry
keywords: hip-hop, rap, alternative, experimental, Poland

mhzesent is one very productive producer, and a great source for music lovers with an open mind who like to travel along the borders of melody, music, hip hop and abstract sound experimentation. The best things happen when all these things are combined, which is a skill mhzesent definitely had conquered throughout his long underground career.

With ‘Rabbit Hide Tapestry’ listeners will be treated a really nice and listenable ride of such goodies. It seems to be compiled as if it’s a underground radio show; going for laidback and yet energetic trip grooves in which most unexpected forms of music experimentation is happily to manifest itself.

mhzesent isn’t afraid to spice up the boundaries, and is able to just as easily play an electronic drum machine as tools he had found in the kitchen, samples, hip hop lyrics, choirs, an old rusty door, abstract noises, or an out of the blue blues trumpet. The results captured on this long lasting album is a colorful collection of inspiring music that even though it’s strong experimental roots, really seems to be able to create a relaxed atmosphere everyone should be able to enjoy.

The overall sound is pretty lo-fi, which is keeping the high tech music pretty warm and easy going. With its nice flow the album will be a pleasant companionship for all kinds of activities, never letting you down with its unexpected surprises and new ideas. Personally I think the tunes named ‘Something’ sums the general good vibes up; water flows meet finger snaps, positive memorable melody meets excellent programming skills and fresh sounding vocals. It’s all there, gliding easy into each other as if it’s normal; but on the contrary; this is pretty much a showcase of a prolific talent making way for a completely new way of music. Approachable, easy to listen and yet unlike anything you probably heard before. Might I recommend to tune in over here?

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