Rikki Sho – Drift Away

Artist: Rikki Sho
Title: Drift Away
Keywords: ambient, long form, drone, electronic

Listening to Rikki Sho’s ‘Drift Away’ is like hanging under neath a sky glider diving in a subtle way through the air that is slightly cool, and yet not cold. Perhaps the imagined view of the landscapes below are adding to the warm experience, fields and clouds, cliffs and cows; from a bird eye perspective everything seems different, impressive and beautiful.

Rikki Sho did only bring the good part of such a flight of beauty as there is simply no fear of falling down and being scared for heart failure because of an overload of exciting endorphins are also no scene that can happen when listening to this drifting flow. In fact it’s a very calming experience, especially when Rikki Sho gets more and more into it, presenting us with more serene sounding sounds that might touch upon the Buddha inside of you.

The sounds exhale like a calm kind of new age session in your local brain center. I don’t know if you heard about these, but be careful for them as there is some crazy sect behind them; out for your life, properties and mental health in exchange for yoga brain sessions.

It’s better to do it yourself, place the earthly realm of your body down on the floor in horizontal position and play this music by Rikki Sho loud, close your eyes, follow the rhythm with your exchange of inhaling & exhaling oxygen and feel utterly relaxed as the music rinses the mind and fills it up with these natural landscapes of nothingness.

When the release by Rikki Sho leaves the mind you can open your closed eyes and feel refreshed and virtualized. Energized in vitality, and girlfriends and boyfriends will see the ultimate results of health straight from your shining new face! In other words Rikki Sho’s ‘Drift Away’ is a beauty product that works from the inside out! Get beautiful and healthy by following the following link:

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4 Responses to Rikki Sho – Drift Away

  1. Rikki Sho says:

    Thank you for this amusing and visual review. Put a smile on my face!

  2. Rikki Sho says:

    If I may just post up the new download link for this, please:


    Rikki 🙂

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