Flácido Domingo – Furrr Ist Deengerouz! EP

Artist: Flácido Domingo
title: Furrr Ist Deengerouz! EP
keywords:electronic,hardtek,idm,reggaeton,amen,breakcore,dancecore,darkstep,hardcore ,speedcore,Madrid

Flácido Domingo is like a flipped out master chef. After getting his hands on the finest collection of useable (and abusable)  groceries for the ears, he takes out his master knife and start chopping, cutting and pasting like a total maniac who knows what he is doing. His dishes are like a tasteful assault as with every bite your ears might taste another flavor; another theme, another ingredient, another beat and another speed. His breakcore meals are legends overseas, but let us assure you that they are as real, as real can be.

Flácido Domingo never overdoes his recipes, he knows how much salt, sugar, and garlic and hot pepper to mix in with his four Michelin star rated tracks. Yet, luxurious dining on this music isn’t really possible unless you like to munch (like an immortal monster) all the food in no time down your throat. There is a high guarantee that you’ll suffer a slight spasm here and there, probably bite on an infectious ulcer that demands you to dance as if you ate too many hot beans with an overdose of spicy sauce; but it’s worth to wake up in hospital for.

Ingredient highlight of the first meal on the menu definitely will be Cindy Lauper. She is good enough for you and me, and taste as if she didn’t age at all! Look how happy and perfect she blends in with the rest of the blender bending mixture of chopped up speed freaks delight: it’s the way a meal should be!

The next deal on the plate is this superbly spiced up spiciness that involves old classics, trumpets and a bash full of ravers. It’s like eating while you are running for a train and your stomach is burning up from the impossible digestion things! You definitely don’t need to bring extra spice, add extra pepper or any pepperoni to this speedy happening; or you’ll be pooping on the toilet like a rocket from NASA.

The tune that follows seems to start with exactly that. We can hear the poor guy scream ‘oh my god!’ as he clearly empty his bowels in order to engage in another wild adrenaline rush of a diarrhea party!  breakcore gets flushed out from his backside, and rushes into our ears-inside! But don’t worry it’s all about fun, shitting bricks of musical jokes, radio friendly gatherings all intermixed on a spicy blend of hot beats and chili peppers.

Flácido Domingo even brought in some yodeling, marinated it with over speed dating madness that is such a wild rush that the only way you really can handle it is by blowing your own brains out with a nasty mix of chemicals and pots of coffee; a curious culinary delight that feels as if you are dropped at a rave and all the other ravers are dancing in rapid speed over your head. It’s pretty intensive! So better be prepared, empty your stomach and load it all back up with a unhealthy amount of unethical drugs and tune into these ready to eat speedy breakcore meals by Flácido Domingo:


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