Josh Quillen – Steel Drums

artist: Josh Quillen
title: Steel Drums
keywords: steel drums
reviewer: Willem van O.

Josh Quillen has drums of steel! With these steel drums he plays music for his wonderful wife, and kind that the musician is; has now recorded 15 of these pieces for the entire world to be enjoyed. He plays the work of various composers, with names like Roger zahab, Cole Porter, Dan Trueman, Jeff Moss, Paul Lansy and more…

I believe if we admit being unfamiliar with these composers that we will obviously reveal our secret identity of being the worst music reviewers in the world. But if we just pretend to know them, nod our heads a bit and say that we like the work of Josh Quillen more then the originals, than we probably will get out of this sticky situation just fine.

But it’s alright, as with Steel Drum music like this it isn’t necessary to know the writers, or  composers behind them.. It’s perfectly fine to just lay back and enjoy together Josh Quillen’s big Steel Drums. You can hear the love he has put in, as if (indeed don’t freak out!) he plays it for his beautiful wife in all intimacy.. Only now we, the listener, have turned into the beautiful wife of Josh Quillen.

Josh Quillen’s steel drums are not hanging around, dangling unwanted between the man’s legs; instead he plays them obviously with care and kindness. You can just hear the love that he has for these steel drums, and the result as a listener is a bliss and a pleasure to hear.

As a kid I always felt attracted to the sound of a steel drum, they have something very sunny and warm. But never did I hear anything like how Josh Quillen uses them, and it really feels as a rediscovery of this youth sentiment that is the sound of the steel drum. I heard them on fun fairs played by happy character with long dreadlocks; but now through Josh Quillen and his music taste and  skill of romantic steel drumming; the instrument really seems to have grown up as something that you should be taken more as serious instrument of emotion and not just a instrument of sunshine fun.

I can write perhaps much more about steel drums, but like those composers that Josh Quillen’s his steel drums are introducing me too; I’m fairly touching upon in the unknown in my steel drum knowledge. Of course there is wikipedia, probably loaded with wise wisdom, dodgy origin stories about the steel drum and other forums of steel drum fanatics.. but for now with it’s 15 tracks counting album by Josh Quillen I feel perfectly satisfied Steel drum wise… No need for information, just chilling out and let Josh Quillen be your loving musical steel drum player for to day. This is a kind and recommended listen:

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