Randomform – Furtherfield

Artist: Randomform
title: Furtherfield
format: tape / digital
keywords: detroid, electronic,IDM,apocalyptic,atmospheric,experimental,glitch,sound design,techno

With a bit of a space fart mixed with atmospheric samples, an introduction track introduces itself. It’s named ‘further’ and without further mumbling it makes way for the first legitimate track on this album, named ‘slow crash’.

It is highly recommended to put the volume up so bit to miss out on the semi abstract low riding groove box. It comes to me across as if I’m playing a game of Asteroid, which involves a little alien space ship that needs to avoid being hit by asteroids and destroy as many as it can by shooting them in midair. The music might not be exactly like that as there aren’t any explosions that I’m aware off, but it certainly delivers an equal adrenaline kick.

The next track ‘broken fractals’ keeps this flashy sound of high tech low riding electronics but adds nice hymns in the far back, and sometimes a sound that resembles a bass. It is sounding like something that IDM fans and space rocket engineers would enjoy. It comes across as quite technical with minimal tools forming an intelligent blend of space-rhythm.

Then ‘Cylon Fracture’ which sounds at the first beginning a little beet more cleaner, a bit more relaxed as if the previous sounds had gone through a drastic selection progress; something which involved the candidates that got through to take drastic polishing in order to sound like plastic fantastic shiny tools of rhythm. There are some of course who stayed rebel, and when they hobble in against the flow the music becomes nice and trip-worthy.

Surfaceslide brings us more into a deeper layer of the rebel zone in space. Here space dirt, slight robotic movements and scrap metal meets up with the squeaky laser sharp beams in order to create a structure that might be abstract to some, but when listened on the appropriated sound level; is easy to step in and lose your mind in. The music in this track becomes more and more rhythmic, as if the robots and laser cuts have found the right amount of harmony and are now working hard together to become this groove on which fogged up humans can dance on. This is very good, and it unfortunately stops at the end of this track.

But do not worry ‘accd’ is here and with a title like that will probably not disappoint the bouncing heads that endorsed the previous work. But no.. It was an blip on the scales of hope as the real fun starts when the trail of ‘accd’ start playing out and doing its thing. Here the artist throws in a deep knowledge of acid bubbles without getting to house, or techno. The acid bubbles are carefully melted together with the previous style of clean cut electric rhythm collages of an intelligent order. It can only be enjoyed loud, as the music deserves to surround listeners in able to do its magical thing of self-hypnosis. And with a lots of elements a bit hidden in the mix, it’s just that extra push (or turn) of the volume button to launch your private self in to space! With a nice ending with a bit more melodic euphoria this track will end, only to be followed up by Hex Collider. Here the music becomes more melodic, mixing moody sounds with the distinctive clean intelligent programming skills, to create a nice headspace to lounge in. Of course the music stays in its deep but minimal genre, carefully crafting crunchy electronics into each other like a smooth mechanic bonbon for the ears.

Then there is a track named ‘entitled’  which begins with the distinctive sounds that this release is so rich off, but because of its in your face-ness it brought in a funny picture of a strange alien eating some kind of juicy fruit. But the smile and smirk of this funny image quickly faded out as the artist introduced subtle background electronics that gives the track a tremendous psychedelic layer. If you add that the slurpy juicy electronic rhythm sounds become kind boxers that dance against and in each other flows, you can imagine how the music becomes this tremendous enjoyable trap for all psychoactive explorers.
Then there is a tiny moment to grab your head again with a intermezzo named ‘phi’ which shimmers a bit in order to keep the industrial space atmosphere. And then there is ‘Metaver’ which feels like a bonus round for all who had enjoyed the previous tracks on this album. The rhythm rolls against each other, and there is a nice dark moving under tone which takes the music to a higher height. Here electronic industrial delight becomes focused and clear, providing a more to the point dance floor track in which aliens, robots and humans can find their joy in.

All good things have to come to an end, so also this album needs to make space for other things. But lucky it goes out with a nice work named ‘field’ which brings a more ambient atmosphere to the scenery. There is the noisy squeak in the rhythm, good use of sound placing; but it’s the deep synth strings that are the true heroes of this track. A nice ending of an intelligent sounding modern release, out on a pretty futuristic cassette tape:

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