Bottlesmoker – Hypnagogic

Artist: Bottlesmoker
Title: Hypnagogic
Keywords: electronic, experimental, IDM
label: Dystopiaq

Indonesia’s bottlesmoker have been taking the free music scene by storm with fun live shows and their extremely melodic and pleasant music. If you are a fan of the music from Adventure Time, this is definitely for you.

Aurora Twin is the first track that brings the love in music back to our attention. It lights up my heart as it tickles it’s kind and friendly electronic music through the ears. This is the work of a artist named Bottlesmoker. In case you have been sticking around over at YIKIS you might have heard of Bottlesmoker before, as a part of the lovely Wrieuw Recordings family. A family that is been growing and in a corner of kindness has collected and organized a fine source of cute and lovely music releases. Hearing this free downloadable album by Bottlesmoker certainly fits that label, but also the labels of being sweet and cute.

The album in the spotlight over here is named ‘Hypnagogic’ and is a full on 22-track love fest! I can’t say it enough, the sounds, the choice of them, the sweet melodic compositions, the energy.. They are like what pink and fluffy soft cuddly hopping bunnies are for the eyes and hands, but then for the ears! But don’t think it’s just relaxed cuddle time as Bottlesmoker has a fine nose for really catchy and friendly sounding pop format. No stone has left unturned or untuned as Bottlesmoker brings happiness with active drums, fluffy pretty melodies performed by electronic sounds that will stare at you with adorable eyes in order to open your heart and engage in this free fest of pure sweetness.

At times I would like to drop some names as a reference, but its for sure that there is only one Bottlesmoker, and whatever it is that Bottlesmoker is smoking from these bottles; let’s hope Bottlesnoker keeps on smoking them as the audio results are a total turn on! Mind you ‘turn on’ is in this case not a reference to a sexual feeling as, as active as the music of Bottlesmoker can be on this album; it keeps its innocence in sound high up!

It’s a true love extravaganza and without me being sarcastic, joking or (as we sometimes do here on YIKS) lead listeners into some kind of audio death trap; this is without doubt an album for the young and playful at heart, and 100% sure a happy album for adults and children to enjoy alone or together. No pedophile jokes intended, as I’m definitely serious!

If I had to drop a name, I would say the Icelandic group múm; not because Bottlesmoker’s music sound anything like it, but the choice of sweet sounds is something they both seemed to have their preferences in. But what múm is to sleeping music (I saw them once playing a half hour set, an in five minutes the whole audience was snoring innocently like babies on the dancefloor..), Bottlesmoker really keeps everyone alive and twinkling with positive vibrations and active songs, something that perfectly suits all kinda activities.. Sleeping might be an option, but might serve up wild dreams of those pink fluffy bunnies dancing; so be aware of that side effect..

Of course I could go on and on about Bottlesmoker’s album, discuss each and every track into glorious detail.. But for some reason that too will turn each reader in five minutes in to a innocent snoring one. Sometimes it’s just better to not read so much, not take life too seriously and simply embrace the child within, bring over your kids (or if you haven’t any; someone else their kids!) (mind you, kids: never go home with a candy giving stranger!) download this amazingly free album and pump up the volume… Enjoy love the active music way!!

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