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Lekiddo ‘Lord of The Lobsters!’

Artist: Lekiddo keywords: happy, good vibes, fun, sunshine, pinchy pinchy kiss kiss! Lekiddo The Lord of the lobsters is full of happiness, love, energy, sunshine and above all positivity! Instead of keeping his good vibes for lobsters only, he obviously … Continue reading

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5 music makers you should know about

Hello dear reader, Glad you are here.. I have something to tell you that you probably have no ears for, but that’s why I type it here for your eyes. The listening part comes a little bit later, but trust … Continue reading

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Maria Move – Untitled

Artist: Maria Move title: Untitled keywords: alternative,experimental,poetry,soundtrack,theatre,vocal,covalist,vocal harmonies,voices,Santiago reviewer: Willem van O. Maria Moves’s Untitled makes me feel all odd and funky inside. She does this in an instant by bringing a short track containing something that you might call … Continue reading

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dmh – prayers

Artist: dmh title: prayers Keywords: experimental, doomcore,glitch,harsh noise, noise, ambient, Dublin dmh’s is responsible for keeping his neighbors up at night as they probably search for the cause of unexplainable sounds coming out from the attic of the house next … Continue reading

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Dr. NoiseM – A

Artist: Dr. NoiseM title: A format: CD keywords:  dark ambient, drone, experimental, ambient, noise, Dr. NoiseM surprises with an interesting new release that goes for something that my ears had not discovered coming out of the vortex of sound oeuvre … Continue reading

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Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin – Rose (Flower’s Garden)

Artist: Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin title: Rose (Flower’s Garden) keywords:  avant-garde, pop, folk, alternative, storytelling, video, weird, beautiful, flowers, rose, garden label: Electric Phantom Reviewer: We Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin’s ‘Fish Drive Edsels’  is one of those must have albums that will haunt … Continue reading

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