Broads – Care & Handling EP

Artist: Broads
Title: Care & Handling EP
format: CDr / Digital
keywords: experimental, Norwich, drone, folk, fafisa, lo-fi, organ

After enjoying Omno by Broads, my ears really got a hunger for more wonders where this all came from. Luckily the internet has some fine places to explore, and in case of Broads; the official bandcamp account is a highly good start for the ears.
But let’s focus within the so called ‘review’ or ‘inspection’ in a EP named ‘Care & Handling’..
Broads’s Sloe Foresting is unlike my wildest dreams not a bunch of hot broads foresting sloes, but believe me or not; much better: music! And what kind music is it that is been represented here? It’s easy to hear the inspiration of nature, without pulling out drawers full of bird sounds and squirrel feet. Broads can create this feeling of nature, wandering in some imaginative forest of kindness, by just music alone. Its electroacoustic approach is very approachable and perfectly listenable while having a headache.

The kindness of this feeling doesn’t stop here, but gets kindly more euphoric in a dream pop way. This must be ‘Be In Lines’ which adds the warm singing voice and a perfect not-in-your-face trumpet into this realm of Broads-music. It’s a dreamy happening, but not lost from structure and volume to hold onto.

Then there is ‘Care and Handling’ which starts with the greetings of pretty birds brought by Broads that appear to be recorded in summer time close to mini airport from which small airplanes lift up in to the blue sky. The music plays out a very complimenting laid-back soundtrack for this dreamy scene of summer relaxedness.; when you are completely drowned in this loving music, a female voice wraps around the ears and tells a story in a pleasant audio-book way.

In the sink locale is a wordless piece in which the music speaks for itself. In its short duration it feels as if Broads tells three different chapters. The first one has a fragrance of distortion, then an open acoustic part and finally a positive finale.

Don’t Flow is the last track and starts with what people might recognize as noise that might have come from a walkie-talkie which is a refreshing wake-up call, waking up enough to feel the subtle and sensitive sound of the lovely words and pretty minimal intimacy that follows. It’s very nice and fuzzy; music to cuddle up too.. This is something to crawl back under the blankets for, and seek out a cuddle.
Pretty nice music, very lovely and not too afraid to playfully experiment & if this sounds up your alley then here is a friendly link:

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