Mirum Mulier – Metaphysical Spectra

Artist: Mirum Mulier
title: Metaphysical Spectra
keywords: ambient, IDM,
label: GV Sound

Just because we came back with commercial shit,
I thought it is nice to also have something to celebrate with a free downloadable thing. A freely downloadable release by Mirum Mulier named ‘Metaphysical Spectra’. It contains 7 tracks and a cover that fits the uprising of the rainbows that we have seen spiraling out of control on social media. Rainbows here, rainbows there but no leprechaun or pots of gold to be seen… Let’s get to the pointless point and tell you a bit about what to expect when hearing this album…

Think something slippery like an jellyfish or perhaps a drill pudding that shivers itself forward over a wet, but still  a bit dirty professional  kitchen floor, and add some weirdo humble mumble singing in the background and you’ll probably get something similar as what ‘Ancient Blood’s Red’ sounds like. If this doesn’t make you want to go in download mode, then perhaps read another description of things that you can hear on this collection of music…

A themed dramatic piano piece that could function as the melody for a brand new X-files series in which the now seasoned Müller & Scully go for more alien research through accounted paperwork and tax declaring statements at a more hands on office job can be heard. This is nicely decorated by synths that will keep that old school ‘they are out there’ x-files feeling.

Solaris – Yellow is like listening to rays of sunlight hitting the underwater world that’s dominated by beautifully singing orcas or whales.. (Whoever sings best!) I can’t say anything else about it really, and there is nothing too complain either as common to hear a sight like that is pretty amazing!

Then there is a track named ‘Scottish Draw Men Dance – Green’ and strangely I couldn’t really picture anything while listening to it other than it being a track I could imagine to find on some old school CD compilation with ‘synthesizer greatest’ the ‘television / movie sound track collection’. No idea for what kind of movie or TV series it would be, but even if it wasn’t for anything; it still would have nicely fit in between popcorn’ and a Jarre classic…

With ‘Heavenly Love – Azure’ it’s a moment of lightweight stuff, a little cheesy happy melody that feels good and easy going. Sometimes there is no need for wild complexity to get a great point across, and if it comes with a little friendly beat like the one over here; it’s pretty good fun if you are into light weight entertainment that is.

Following The Moon – Blue comes across as music for feeling blue. There is the lightweight spacious synthesis, and something that sounds like a synth version of a Spanish guitar.. It all sounds fragile but working together to create some kind of story. I was visualizing someone walking around following the moon and ending up on the beach and perhaps following the moon in the horizon and drowning in the sea.. A bit of a dramatic view perhaps, but the music doesn’t sound that dark; more mysterious.

And then there is the last track ‘Sing Deep Space – Purple’ which seems to simulate a prominent Theremin that is being brought out on display on a bedding of the usual fluff. It’s a nice release, especially if you are in search for short music for movies, theme tracks or atmospheres you’ll for sure find something of your interest. So here is a link:

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3 Responses to Mirum Mulier – Metaphysical Spectra

  1. andy says:

    I do not know what an ass to write reviews, the album is very good and unusual.

    • randy says:

      I, as well as, know nothing of an ass to write review, but I will tell you! I met ass once, very big ass, and it spoke to me, I not believe! It say to me, “You, I give five star!”

      Is funny! I drunk so much wine, but feel great!

  2. Feminatronic says:

    Reblogged this on Feminatronic and commented:
    So here is another great find courtesy of Yeah I Know it Sucks and Mirum Mulier is Todays Discovery.

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