Pijo – Pijo

artist: Pijo
title: Pijo
keywords: experimental, macho, pop, punk, politico, Argentina
label: San Ignacio Argentina
reviewer: Willem van O.

Pijo’s Pijo is a album that pushes Argentina back on the map in the excellent provocative creative alternative new edgy punk experimental world chart. Not in a billion years has Argentina produced such a band as Pijo, and Pijo’s Pijo is certainly worth the number one position on this chart… The tracks are short, personal, political and nerve wrecking in a fun way. It starts with ‘a Solas’ which is a track that probably would be enough to convince you of Pijo’s own style and likability.

From here there is simply no stoping of Pijo’s attitude asPijo throws everything out of the closet; singing with slight sarcasm and fun in the vocals, a marvelous mix of nervous cat & mouse game kind of melodies and pretty tight drums that function as a push for a fun meltdown: You can just hear that Pijo is on the edge, but this edge is one that you don’t mind to fall off and stumble in! The laughter that could be perceived throughout the release says enough about the good fun attitude that went into this recording, and even though it being provocation of the grandest order: it’s totally infectious and fun!

And this is probably why this album is so magical, it’s punk with tongues out and middle fingers up; but also a great attitude, humor and (not unimportant) great musician skills. It throws in those warm speedy melodies with ease and it’s here that you can just sniff the Argentina sun up as if it’s glue, and join the bands devolution of words by making sheep sounds.. Of course these tracks have meaning, but as we just listen to it as how it sounds; you could just imagine a math band with cone hats up ready to piss of the establishment in a humorist way.

There is even a cuteness involved in it all, which really seems to make this release a powerful thing. As with humor, really good music skills and that great sense of humor with their menacing light weight f#ck you attitude this is somehow a mix that is like a ‘get out of jail for free card’ -in a punk way- no offended politician would be out of their minds enough to lock Pijo up; giving them the righteous liberty to play whatever they want… Or perhaps this is only the beginning? Pijo’s Pijo can be found here:

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