Danger Alert – Psycho Cat Killer

Artist: Danger Alert
title: Psycho Cat Killer
keywords: electronic, experimental, kids, kids music, loops, wellington
reviewer: Willem van O.

Stranger Danger by Danger Alert rolls in a muffled time machine that transports us directly to a world that looks similar to Wayne’s world. We all got mullet haircuts over here and we all listen to dangerously good muffled music with a high eighties rock vibe over it. The rolling drum loop that this place seems to roll on keeps one feet back in the future, while the other is definitely stuck in the dangerous cool zone of the cowabunga culture. There is the hooky guitar, the sunglasses and caps on our head culture; but it’s the vocal performance that makes it all irresistible. Stranger Danger is not sounding dangerous for us, but more as if we are the dangerous crew in town because we dare to listen to this crap and admit that this stuff rocks, rules and (let’s not forget) is excellent! Wow cowabunga!

But as with all half bodies trapped in some dodgy time warp of music, it won’t be durable for a whole record. And that’s why ‘Hiroshima’ (the next track) sounds suddenly Chrystal clear, bitterly polished until great perfection: nothing is left uncontrollable… And with this in mind it’s quite amazing how the tune still manages to rock, and still contains a wild vibe that would fit a pair of leather jeans and a jacket with holes in it.. Great electric guitar stuff, nice energy in the rolling tight programmed beats and a perfect amount of sticky gel in your hair…
The only thing that was sad of this track is that it leaves listeners so quickly.. If this tune would have gone for five minutes it would certainly be infectious enough to get even the most shy at heart; dancing like an groovy Austin Powers. Oh yeah, baby!

But if you are perhaps more a raver than a rocker at heart then the other short track Dot.Dot.Dot. might get you in the mood. But there is really no time to dress up, put the glow sticks in your nose and go for a wild rave scene as before you know it a face out appears and leaves you just standing there half in your underwear with a kooky look of disappointment; where did all the music go?

Another microscopic blurb on this release is malfunction. It’s really cool, with a electric bubble baseline… But as soon as it comes it indeed had already disappeared: it’s a pattern that gives the feeling of disappointment as this all sounds very good, but never seems to pull enough through for anyone to enjoy to the max. Because there is no max, just tease.. This is a release for tease lovers… It’s all teasers..

Also the groovy sounding ‘shake it’  basically gives you enough of its musical funky dope to beg the maker for another shot.. A shot you probably can only get by hitting the repeat button, or perhaps hope that there are full length versions of these tunes out there somewhere, but we just don’t know how to reach them…

Then there another short dot dressed as a track.. Of course I should be able to say something about it, but after three quick listens I still couldn’t come up with anything.. So without sucking too much shit from my own finger, I’ll skip this one and tell you a bit about (probably) the most important track on this release: psycho cat killer.

I didn’t get the vibe of what I imagined a psycho cat killer would sound like, but as I’m no cat, or psycho (well maybe..) it’s hard to judge for me how a psycho cat killer would sound like. I just imagined a cat with huge moon boots on its paws, a large hat and a colorful feather stuck on top of it.. A large knife, half a tail, and lots of sadistic meowing.. This track is none of that: it got rolling drum loops, a voice, music… Something that is sounding actually quite positive and energetic..

After this important track there is another shorty named ‘raindrops’ and believe it or not; it started to rain here as soon as this audio presented itself… And because I’m in a shed with a plastic roof the sound of the actual rainfall made further analyses of this release not possible. But don’t worry, if you have a few minutes you can listen to this (and the final track) yourself. Here is a link:

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