The spirit of Michael Jackson lives on…

9The spirit of Michael Jackson is living in a pineapple under the sea. Together with the adult  version of that lost kid from ‘Home Alone’ they moonwalk all over each other’s careers. Michael likes to talk about all the grunts and moans he ever recorded while the home alone ex-child star enjoys getting high while spanking a monkey.

It’s an adorable sight really, and they hardly go out from that cozy home that’s that pineapple.. But when they do, they will go all dressed up in unrecognizable burka fashion to eat a crap burger at Crusty Crab’s underwater restaurant. After all nobody knows that they are alive and well, and exchanged their world of fame and fortune for a much safer life of burgers,no burglars, but bubbles and fish.

Of course sometimes they pop up on the surface, dressed up as either a woman or a junkie; but it’s still a risky business: Michael is still the king of flop and the ex-child star still a genius in booby traps. Their walks, movements & voices are recognizable beyond relief which why they are now part of an underwater ensemble that rarely surface the mainland. The screaming fans, the hordes of ‘we love you Michael’ signs, the thousands of dancing lookalikes are easily drummed up, and both the spirit of Michael and the ex-child star are quite frankly fragile enough to be killed by being trampled upon.

They are both active in music, and one is obviously better at it then the other. Michael played as a hologram on a award show, and the home alone actor played in bars in a rough part of town. But now they are there… In that pineapple… Together and alone… It isn’t a bad place, lots of seafood available. And I hope for them they have some kind of internet connection to read upon their own new doings in ‘music’… Because that’s what we are here for… (In case you didn’t know)

First of all the Home Alone Party Monster (whose name we not mention because there is simply no need!) has been playing around in this band called ‘The Pizza Underground’. A silly band title, which probably means that it isn’t a very serious project.. Or that they just love pizza that had been dug up from under a thick layer of dirt and sand; you know the thing that gives pizza that extra crunchy layer!

Apparently The Pizza Underground did not perform at Crusty Crab but above ground among pizza loving humans. Upon googling I realized how so not cool it is to write something about them, as everyone dislikes non-musical celebrities that turn to do music for fun, drinks and sex? But still from a curious side of me, I wanted to know for a really long time what this was about… After by passing some articles of the home alone star and pizza band being booed off stage, I found this live recording of them playing in a place in 2014, Seattle.

Let’s give it a try… We will return with lots of Michael J when it’s over, I promise you.. It’s just two tracks and both have ‘pizza’ in their name. None of them is named ‘pizza face’… And it’s… Oh… It’s… A a-musical persiflage of the Velvet Underground replacing lyrics with pizza orientated lyrics and lots of enthusiastic background yells of an over exited audience.. It’s not that bad, but it is a bit weird… The instruments aren’t played great but the lyrics and vocals are ‘alright’. Just feel that if the Velvet Underground would be active today and stumble upon this ‘The Pizza Underground’ they probably would all go for a drug overdose to just escape the horrible music rape that their ears just had witnessed. I didn’t think it was funny too, but perhaps humor can differ from person to person; although there was no laughter in the audience just exciting yells that are a bit awkward… I mean if you consider this as music worth to scream excitingly for… It’s a Boohoo for me.. Although it most definitely sucks enough to be here on YIKIS, I still feel it was a total waste of time to even search and actually hear it.. Better stay in that pineapple and learn some tricks of the trade from your music loving friend…

Michael Jackson!

Thank goodness that the spirit of Michael Jackson is here to safe us all from the pizza dread celebrity yell fest with some good old quality music that certainly brings the death back to life! This Michael Jackson is unlike any other Michael Jackson you have heard before his living in a pineapple phase.. Here Michael Jackson shows of that his legendary music skills are not confined to pop, as here Michael Jackson steps around in the shoes of punk rock. The moon walk finally be done on doctor Martins and Michael’s hair on fire is not actually a fire but a real red tomahawk haircut! Michael Jackson’s spirit still kicks ass! Think fanatic lyrics, rough guitar, wild drums and brand new Michael Jackson songs that will make the sex pistols look like sex super soakers.

The spirit of Michael certainly has been busy.. Even though the whole world thought he had gone in 2009, his spirit has been busier then ever. He teamed up for example with bMahli to bring his most beloved king of flop top tunes back into revival mode by giving them a true retro makeover! Billie Jean, Thriller, Black and White and Beat It all go though a chip-tune morph. Somehow the energy is a bit pulled out of it, but perhaps it’s just that it misses Michael’s distinctive grunts , hihi’s and voice doing the lyrics.

But as a true Michael fans knows, it isn’t only the dancing, the singing & posing that Michael is famed for…
…. …. He was also a musician I believe… But I never heard of his pretty violin skills! The spirit of Michael Jackson certainly composed a wonderful cinematographic composition of grand proportions and its existence is fairly unknown! It’s named ‘Quite Melodies in the Dark’ and is proof that living in a pineapple under the sea with the home alone actor is actually a great way to live inspirational wise! It might not be a hit record, but it is definitely a strong work that would suit some kind of movie to compliment it…

To finalize this report on the spirit of Michael and his close pizza friend, I wanted to go out with a side project of the spirit of Michael Jackson named ‘Michael Jackson II‘. This is without doubt the most interesting Michael Jackson work out there among all the others… It is here that Michael Jackson connected to a spiritual world, drowned in sound, psychedelics and perhaps underwater pineapple hallucinations to create a beautifully odd but very interesting music work named Chocolate Donut… It’s a kind of hypnotizing work that feels highly classical yet is done in a way that my ears never had come across before; pure originality which makes this celebrated artist so much more than a king of pop: a king of psychoactive audio underwater performance!

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