Travis Johnson – *d retr

Artist: Travis Johnson
Title: *d retr
keywors: dub, electronic, experimental, hip hop, industrial, house, musique concrete, techno, United States
label: Poverty Electronics

Travis Johnson has a pair of eyes and ears, and together with one single brain they work together to bring you the most irresistible alternative dance music in the entire universe. The only thing that a customer or music enjoyer needs to do is clicking the link at the bottom of this review, make sure you got the volume up and then press play! Within an instant you will be hooked on Travis Johnson’s sounds that work together as one undeniable dance groove. It’s something that excites me when there is dance music that isn’t all sneaky clean and polished sounding. Not that Travis Johnson’s two tunes are raw or left to the ‘whatever happens’ attitude; but they have (fuck the word & gender police!) some fine balls hanging in there. The main title track ‘*d retr’ proofs that Travis Johnson’s skills to get a party started in a rapid speed is living up to the poverty electronica pioneer’s reputation. An untouchable sparkling bubbling baseline, great inserts of industrial accents to make the techno vibe something of a dance and boxing competition. Travis Johnson might follow the concept of techno over here, but because the producer has the ears, eyes and that brain obviously well trained; everything is in perfect length, with a perfect break and no signal sign of boredom! It’s a classic!

The second track is coming across as a collection of tunes! It’s as if Travis Johnson had invited us over with the first ear candy and now we are suddenly treated to a deejay set of intelligent sounding party tunes that everyone with a love for experimental and techno music will be excited about. The tracks are almost effortless going into each other, and each time they create a different flow of surprise turning it in a rave for people that aren’t happy with the boring stuff they play in that horrible dreadful club in your village/city center. Travis Johnson throws humor in the mix by adding unexpected twists, samples and flows that you can easily love to get hooked on. If I was a club owner (which I am not, mind you) I would have searched the world in order to book Travis Johnson in order to spin his own tunes for a well willing crowd of music loving party people. This track (or DJ set) really gets to me, making me feel like techno Viking when he enjoyed what he was hearing at a German street rave. Spastic but very tight dance moves, feet stomping on the ground, hands and fingers rhythmically pointing in the air and to the dance floor; this is just the automatic body response while letting this release by Travis Johnson play free and loud! From very industrial sounding to lightweight glitchy rolling electronic funk to a pounding four by four kick; Travis Johnson is knitting it all together and it turned into a very fresh, colorful and playful dance party mix.

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