Dva Zagorodnyh Doma – Self-Titled

Artist: Dva Zagorodnyh Doma
title: Self-Titled
keywords: experimental, DIY, folk,lo-fi,noise-rock,obscure,pop, post materialists, psychedelic
label: Post-Materialization Music

I’m driving home for Christmas and strangely there is no Christmas music on the radio. It isn’t that strange as it’s July, but still when people drive home for Christmas there should be at least one radio station actively playing Christmas songs, no matter the month that they are driving in.. But after twisting the knob (of the car radio) around and around no Christmas channel had been found. It’s always a difficult time, the driving home for Christmas time, and without the right amount of music it simply doesn’t feel the same.

Luckily I’m driving home for Christmas in a car that not only has a good old fashioned car radio, but is also equipped with a modern technical gadget that allows me to play music from one bandcamp account. If you want to play music from more Bandcamp accounts you simply have to type in your credit card number, clap the secret password and twist your neck around in front of the dashboard cam for facial recognition. It’s a hassle, so I’ve been stuck with the free trial Bandcamp account option which happens to be one of someone named ‘Dva Zagorodnyh Doma’… It isn’t really Christmas music, but it does make me feel as if it’s pre-Christmas music.. So in this case of ‘Driving home for Christmas in July’ the radio had been kindly switched off and the speakers set to play to Bandcamp.

As soon as the music plays a whole story of the origins of these tracks scroll around on my gadget. It’s a good read, but as I’m driving home for Christmas it’s better to focus on the driving and keep my eyes on the road. I just don’t want to arrive home at Christmas as a Christmas spirit who had died in a car accident..

By the way, for the people who aren’t equipped with this gadget, there are also tapes of this release available… Nothing beats a tape player and car radio combination, right? Anyway the music by Dva Zagorodnyh Doma that immediately starts really has this driving home for Christmas vibe.. It’s warm and drowned, there is this little drummer boy rhythm (but more slow) , the voice and spaced out coziness that feels a bit like it’s a scarf protecting the ears from the months before Christmas period. The first song seems to end with a little muffled car crash sound, which then introduces another driving home for Christmas vibe friendly work. This one is named ‘Portland’ which makes it probably even better to hear when driving home for Christmas through the scenery of Portland, or perhaps Portland is your Christmas destination.. It’s fairly based on a psychedelic rhythm and playful spacious guitar playing that replaces the lack of Christmas decorations that are passing by on this long drive home.

The other track really seems to focus more on the vocals and the rhythmic guitar playing. It helps a lot that I can’t understand the lyrics, making it easily a driving home for Christmas favorite, as it sounds like a song that would fit happiness through a holy faith (or something). The track then suddenly swifts into some kind of alien encounter, making me once more wonder about the conspiracy theory that Jesus was a alien from Mars..

The music gives enough space to make up your own pre-Christmas stories, fables and ideas; but it’s mostly great material to hear when driving home for Christmas. Did you know? You can drive home for Christmas all year round! I slowly seem to be covered up by these tracks of Dva Zagorodnyh Doma, they become more a distinctive blurb , a source warm enough to Unfreeze your frozen fingers on, muffled enough to get you into the pre-Christmas spirit with its hums, holy sounding rhythmic prayers and layers of kindnesses. This is named ‘seans’ but at this moment I feel that the wheels of the car have become obsolete as the music makes driving home for Christmas more a flying home for Christmas experience.

The music really seems to blend the pre-Christmas spirit, the driving landscape and the whole car flying thing into something that becomes something more vague and cloudy. Perhaps I’m not really inside a car, and is it just the imagination traveling while hearing Dva Zagorodnyh Doma doing more and more of its thing? Losing reality is a serious danger while driving home for Christmas, as accidents do happen! But on the positive side the unreal dream triggered by this psychedelic music album is a fantastic way to go! And with the ‘stalaktity’ track I certainly seem to be surrounded with other Christmas spirit escaping the non-Christmas days in the hope ever to arrive at their Christmas destinations. But before that Christmas day will come, this full length mind absorbing album will keep the pre-Christmas spirit high, glorious, comfy and brewing warm like a cozy drive home in able to arrive home just on time to celebrate Christmas.

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