+DulT+ – dult vidyo

wArtist: +DulT+
title: dult vidyo
keywords: ambient, medieval, drone, gothic, video, performance, visual, experimental

Earlier on in the day we discovered time frames of the music of +DulT+, but hardly did we know that +DulT+ isn’t just music: it is a whole package of so much more! And with whole, you must think of a sacred pack between audio, visual and performance! It’s an interesting deal and combination, and will definitely be more interesting when you actually hear and see these three factors working together…

Luckily we don’t need to wait very long to actually do just that! As thanks to modern technics, wonders of communication and miracles of the internet we can all buckle up and watch the full version of what +DulT+ is about in one of +DulT+’s interesting videos, featuring the music, the visuals and the performance to make you sit half on the seat from the contents of receiving +DulT+ as its intended.

+DulT+ brings the darkness, the mist and the mysterious and the non-obvious to the ears and eyes that are placed as receivers on your face. +DulT+ video / sound combination is superbly timed; which delivers a great deal to get unsuspected viewers/hearers easily hooked and sucked in for this unsuspected +DulT+ session.

From the drones and mysterious mist +DulT+ takes us to a daring place, a holy one in which the beauty of time seems to have stood still, leaving an impressive visualization of medieval architecture and hints of sacrifice in the good old days. But without doubt no one would guess what would happen next in this Gothic scenery,
and just because it’s better to perceive such eye-opening happenings on your own; I will not destroy this effect by spoiling this +DulT+ discovery for you. You are simply on your own for this one.. Open the sound at a good volume, watch the video do its black magic and hear, watch and believe what +DulT+ is bringing you, as its pretty intriguing!


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