Hanin Elias & Noia – Scream (Fantome Remix)

haninArtist: Hanin Elias & Noia
title: Scream (Fantome Remix)
keywords: electronic, industrial, pop, alternative, video, feels, vibes
labels: Cleopatra and Lynch Law

Hanin Elias with Noia just dropped a brand new song and stunning video named ‘Scream’ (Fantome Remix). The adrenaline rush that it gave me upon watching/hearing it for the first time is rather strange as the song is not done in a rush, and neither are there violent scenes that should trigger my heart pounding like a maniac (which it did like an exciting maniac..)

I guess it’s because the song and video are of a very powerful emotional kind, so much so that it was able to grab me by the throat, shook me up as if being in a roller-coaster, and then seated me down with open ears and eyes to be able to observe the clip on repeat…

Now after many sessions of hearing and watching ‘scream’ (filmed by Phillip Virus and Almir), my heartbeat had taken a slower rhythm; the excitement of observing something that was worth the wait had finally made way for a more sensible state of mind (if that’s possible?) to type something about it in a less screaming groupie way. But first when that writing happens, let me first take an opportunity to warn you:

Be aware that if you are in a fragile state, that it’s best to wear a seatbelt or drink a small relaxer before engaging in hearing and watching this ‘Scream’ video clip.

The visuals are stunning; following Hanin Elias through a beautiful but -at times- sacred harsh landscape of Moroccan desert hills, oases, burning sun, caves, desert-homes, lots of sand; until a contrast view of a tremendous amount of water appears to finalize the end of the song. We can see the vast amount of nothingness that this environment is so rich off, and every foot print left behind by the songstress is one that leaves an impressive trail of human activity in the landscape that is beautiful but also might be thought of as a burning hell of loneliness.

Of course (just as expected) the terrific song in a ‘Fantomas remix’ version suits the sight perfectly. Hanin Elias haunting voice sounds strong and determent and when we learn that this all is dedicated to her family in Syria and to all the refugees in the world who are forced to leave their homes; the powerful heartbeat inducing vibe that might appear when you tune in is suddenly and certainly definitely making sense! This must be what this track stands out for, why it deserves the warning of not being your everyday easy go lucky music video to watch and chill out with; but is one that actually has a deeper meaning to it, something that might be not easy to grasp in a second; but felt -yes- within an instant!

I can chat for hours and hours how I think about war, how I feel about how refugees are treated or seen by their supposed to be saviors, how unfair and how fucked up everything is.. But trust me it’s much better to listen to Hanin Elias & Noia and see & feel the content of the music video with your own eyes and ears.. It will probably crawl under your skin, goes there unexpectedly to plant a seed and hopefully change things for the better on the long run.. And if not, then it’s still a pretty damn good song and video! Check it out & enjoy the feels:

Show your support by grabbingthe  Scream Fantome remix from Itunes, or from the official Hanin Elias bandcamp

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