Furchick and friends – Hung out to dry

Artist: Furchick and friends
title: Hung out to dry
keywords: electronic, ambient, experimental, field recordings, noise, punk, weird, London
label: Fag Ash Records

Furchick is at the moment working hard to burn her latest albums on CD’s in preperation for a massive upcoming world tour. Tomorrow she will be hitting Melbourne by storm, then New York City. Cincinnati. London. Berlin. Arnhem.. maybe even Rotterdam and Amsterdam… In the wait for Furchick to hit the stage in a place near you, it is a good idea to get hyped up and enjoy her freely available album ‘Hung out to dry’. It’s an album in which Furchick teamed up with like minded freaks to create… well.. to create this ‘Hung out to dry’ audio adventure! Let’s take a look at the tracks available (or if you want to skip that and dive straight in; check the link at the bottom!)…

The moon is a spaceship & Furchick – Why doesn’t tin foil rust? asks a very important question: why does tinfoil not rust? The question is so well asked multiple times, but also decorated with a brewing sound collage that sounds feverish and bizarre; giving the feeling that there is something sick within this question and there might be a drastic need to wear a tinfoil hat to focus on a possible answer.

Jimmy Clark & Furchick – This there that’ Might I recommend here to listen to this album with the help of some headphones? I’ve been listening it through crappy speakers, but when you put on some descent (or even indecent) headphones so much more could be heard and lived through. This track for example is suddenly incredibly deep; it is sucking me up with an electronic weirdo folk-ish dream vibe that makes thirsty for a decent shot of liquid LSD.

Randy Spike & Furchick – Randy’s romp with a giant is an fantastic sounding piece in which my imagination spoons up a scene of cats playing with vacuum cleaners, pushing the corners of this and other household equipment in order to create a bombastic flow of experimental music of a wild order. They play around, squeal out electronic voltage vibes and owl sounds with muffled human talking in the depth. It’s utterly wild, very moving and yet a complete blur of wildness in which sharp nails of a cat might crawl out the ear puss in the hope to find a mouse.

Cozm x Transmissions & Furchick – Live at the Vatican reunion tour’ keeps the mind buzzy with never heard before strangeness that bizarrely seems to swing into the outer weirdo zones. There are humming wordless voices that form the shape as if there is a human didgeridoo at work; holding hands with an industrial vibe that keeps the fever hot and ringing. It’s a story, yet I’m not open minded enough to grasp what this psychedelic sound story is all about.

swiʌelized souηds & Furchick – Lost in the sandpit’
The music on this album keeps surprising, as if it goes through different layers of bizarre audio hallucinations brought up to mind by a lucid attack of a hot feverish sound virus. Here the music seems to take us to a prehistoric world in which strange creatures like dinosaurs with robotic artifacts are passing by in mysterious loop forms. Odd bird calls are waving in the air, electric force fields are brewing and then speeding their presence in the ears & the overall vibes gets more lucid the longer you are hanging your ears in it.

Nat Grant & Furchick – Domestic life goes on in the face of adversity’ is a moment of more relaxed experimentation, a moment that you can feel that the tranquilizer had finally kicked in and the brewing fever vibe had made way for one of calmness and being socially at ease. It’s a blessing most deserved and your ears will embrace it like a long lost and good friend.

E.M.I.R.S. & Furchick – Rocks in your carburettor’ is really cool! Remember those toys from the eighties who came as spirals that you could put on the top of the stairs and then walked their way down? I have a feeling that this is the place to have a bit of this as a revival. But next to this stair walking spiral thing there are lots of other sound friends to be discovered. Warm crispers, abstract sounds, noises, water, bleeps, high tones; it’s as if we are presented a room of nostalgic sounds in some kind of backdoor secret chicken barn.

{AN} Eel & Furchick – Chant for nuts and squirrels’ feels as if the feverish soundtrack had made its way to the booze cabinet and emptied so many alcoholic beverages that the whole room has been upside down, legs are clueless flexible non cooperative testicles and walls are able to be walked through. There is a strange choir of strange Russian garden gnomes that shine through a backdrop of a bell like composition making me feel drunk as a drunken squirrel can be.

datewithdeath & Furchick – Sensibilities’
If you are now in need for a bit of stability then you just might find it over here. Electronic beats are brought in to get our drunk feverish heads out for a dance, but it’s a dance with one part of the head in a dark lunacy and the other at a underground rave. The garden gnomes might provide some hums so to say that you are never alone!

Red Clouds & Furchick – Dark Winter Black Nights’ seems to bring a fantasy of dark weather circumstances in audio form. It’s a mixture of dark clouds, doomsday helicopters and strange thrilling moments of deep bass and intimate talking in which it’s a cozy comfort to hang out in, but also thrilling in case you start to fantasize about this being the soundtrack of the end of the world.

Maggie Ledes & Furchick – Waiting for branches to fall’ brings a spiritual journey of car wipe windows,  cute little space birds that jump up and down, warmth, and deluxe vocal chords zooming in and out as a guide through this track of magic and holistic mystery.

Jeremy von Kobra & Furchick – Bee Kamikazi death match’ makes way for a strange but delirious audio scape that slowly but firmly builds up through industrialized ambient layer over layer. It’s a feeling of being in a temple of glory and doom with high priestess donating hymns to the excitement.

The inventor of the accidental guitar method Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt also teamed up with our captivating sound artist Furchick. Togheter they bring the final piece to be enjoyed of this album. It’s called ‘Bird machine #3’ and comes across as a wet Hitchcock dream in which he discovers the potential success in having a lot of birds twirling around to create a spooky twirl that will captivate audience sworldwide! This album of Furchick and friends is one captivating journey, and it’s completely available for free over here:

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