Various Artists – 1 minute autohypnosis… 29th CD

9Artists: Various
Title: 1 minute autohypnosis… 29th CD
format: CD / digital download
Keywords: experimental, sound art, electronic, avantgarde
Label: Mute Sound

The 29th 1 minute autohypnosis CD has been recently released, and now the online version (which is kindly available for free download!) has hit the internet. Today is netlabel day, so that means today you should download music for free in the legal way.. Or well that’s what I think that it means… But whatever the meaning or day that you read this; download this collection for free and enrich your 1 minute hypnosis collection in an instant.

First track I can’t really talk about as it’s so close to home, it would appear completely biased. Not that we deny being biased, but still to praise your own act with a review that you write yourself takes a guts… I believe to have done it before and trust me; my guts had still not returned back into my body.. So let’s skip (mind you for the shocking name drop!) Toxic Chicken and go on with the rest of one minute hypnosis toppers!

Thibault Jehanne is of course one of these toppers! Taking talking and sound experimentation into a magnifying one minute hypnosis highlight. Thibault Jehanne has a voice so refined, it would be the perfect one to hear in your ear.. That rhymes!

Flavien Gillié’s one minute hypnosis did actually hypnotize me for its full duration. The music comes in very warm and cozy with an acoustic electronic feel that made me dream of a pleasant room with a cozy fireplace. It’s ambient of great allure, and has the flavor of something coming from the more chill out section of a Rephlex or Warp discography.

Tiziana Baracchi brings a surprising track named ‘buon natale’ to this compilation. It reminded me of an conceptual release named Jee-Haw in which every track was empty with the exception of a cowboy yell that then came out of the blue as a fun surprise. This track had something similar, but there is definitely no cowboy involved and it sounds more like a surprise birthday party.

Minimal Frank bring true one minute hypnosis with a minimal but yet complex sounding electronica track that calmly gives an impression of electronic devices bleeping in a atmospheric futuristic ambient way.

Albert Negredo masterfully delivers something that makes me think of enjoying the less appreciate sounds of trucks driving around on a farm. I am not sure if this is exactly the sound source for this work, but it might be a possibility. In any way Albert Negredo makes these sounds standing out in a different way, making it something that is like that story of the ugly duck that turned into a beautiful swan.

Osvaldo Cibils brings in the sound art, which happens to be having a effect on my dog who twists his head in rotation form upon hearing this audio track. It must be the high tones used in this work, or perhaps it’s just that he likes it and shows a sign of appreciation in a rather strange way. The sound art itself makes me dream of old dial up modems meeting fuzzy warm noises for a intercontinental sound marriage.

William Price brought in a track that is bringing interesting sound recordings into new forms and shapes, or perhaps shines upon then with a different light. The music is as experimental as it can get but the source material might as well be every day materials now recorded and delivered in an exciting new way. It is an impressive track as within its one minute there are lots of things to take in and respect.

Then there is Raul Keller who gives his experimental music an electronic vibe that vaguely hints towards techno, but never turns into that. Instead the electronic experimental sound move up to a new level of abstract energy.

Domèstic Tick Band manages to impress by delivering a huge sounding composition of extraordinaire proportions. There is a calmly played piano that seems to be the captain that leads this work, but around it there is a whole bunch of sounds that you probably not expected to form such a glorious composition; but here you have it, impressively done in one minute, something that sounds as if it’s way longer in a good way! Beautiful!

From the impressive composition it’s a deep dive into the lightweight pretty track by Paolo Sanna. Here it feels as if the artists arranged pots and pans on the floor in order to catch raindrops coming from a leaking roof. Although a leaking roof might be highly unpractical, Paola Sanna really made something beautiful out of it audio wise.

I never heard of Tiholaz, but it seems to be a new moniker name for Vziel of Genetic Trance fame. If you are familiar with the artists different and unstoppable creative output you can manage to recognize his in your face kind of music production style, a burst of improvisation that keeps always refreshing and innovating. The track here focuses on a brushy noise that forms a rhythm and a melody that playfully hypnotizes until the time had gone. The sound of a professional!

Feedbug brings a meditative audio work to this colorful collection of 1 minute hypnosis, providing the perfect ambiance of music to feel completely Zen within the universe.

Artyficiero picks up this peaceful vibe of inner peace with a more musical approach, creating a kind and pleasant track that makes me feel as if we finally found a source for wisdom and understanding. It’s very pretty material…

Then Álvaro Montané comes in and brings a track that sounds as if the mechanisms of life had been held closely underneath a contact microphone. These sounds are busy, working hard to get things done out of sight and under the carpet but now thanks to this artist; fully uncovered and brought straight into your ears for the very first time.

Scott Sherk is the final artist on the 29th 1 minute hypnosis and brings a pretty composition of recorded sounds like cars & street life with additional sound art and ambient atmospheres. A great way to end and clicking the following link a great way to start this hypnosis journey:

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  1. Thanks and thanks,your collaboration is Mute Sound.
    All the best
    Pedro Bericat

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