Bos, Lanting, Douche & Khani – Jemenfous

5Artists: Bos, Lanting, Douche & Khani
title: Jemenfous
keywords: video, electronic, pop,
words by: Simon Hit

While one part of the internet is looking at pictures of Pluto, another part is getting high blood pressure by nagging online about the latest trend in wild life: piling stones. Chat rooms, communication groups, bloggers; they are all clogging up with furious ramblings and infuriating photos of stones on top of each other shot at various places in nature. How dare these ‘piling stones fanatics’ violating nature with this terrible act dubbed as ‘nature graffiti’?

^ a 'nature graffiti' lover at work

^ a ‘nature graffiti’ lover at work

But like the story line of X-files; the truth is out there! When the groups of nature freaks are busy in an online fight with the piling stoners that claim their towers of stones to be an ‘art’, the real nature vandals are roaming free and under the radar; making a whole different kind of ‘art’. Let’s pile them up on top of each other and point out the real friends that people should be worried about:  Bos, Lanting, Douche & Khani.

^ a pile of Bos, Lanting, Douche & Khan

^ a pile of Bos, Lanting, Douche & Khani

They might not pile up stones; neither do they make pictures of these stones on top of each other and place them as professional trolls on anti-stones-on-top-of-each-other online forums, but they are there inflicting a complete different damage to the woods and nature while everyone is seemingly looking the other way; preferable to pictures of hand piled stones and furious online conversations about these stones and hands.

^ more controversial piled up stones

^ more controversial piled up stones

I might be paranoid, but might this stone piling be a part of a conspiracy? The side show setup so to not be on the lookout for the real danger to nature: Bos, Lanting, Douche & Khani? These friends are hanging out in the trees, breaking the branches, stepping on micro insects and sand, falling over moss and grass… They are having a good time, leaving their marks all over the place; traces of excessive makeup, a trail of good time sweat and smelly smoke. They disturb the natural habitat of the forest fishes, keeps the birds and land creatures at bay by torturing the air by filling it up by uninvited guitar strokes.. Scared frogs are jumping for safety while the bunch hunt them to exchange their saliva on their backs by indecent tongue behavior..
rrrIs it art? Is it the spirit of Lars von Trier’s The Idiots at work, or perhaps actual idiots?
Whatever it is, thanks to the hype of stones on top of each other, the disturbing acts against nature of Bos, Lanting, Douche & Khani with their destruction and disrespect are barely noticed by the furious internet warriors.

^ a warrior of the internets

^ a warrior of the internets

Until now! As we have obtained –through official ways- a ‘non-exclusive video’ capturing these vandals in the act of doing their thing..
If this video enrages you enough to forget the hype of stones spiled upon eachother; wait until you hear the music that comes with it! It’s not only nature that is tormented over here!
Can’t wait to see the forums, the chat rooms, the fecesbook groups discussing Bos, Lanting, Douche & Khani when the internet finds out whats really happening outside in the ‘real’ world:

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