Venus Rose – Venus Rising EP

Artist: Venus Rose
title: Venus Rising EP
keywords: experimental, house, modern, hip-hop, r&b, rock & roll, soul, pop, rap, hip-hop, soul, New York
reviewer: Simon Hit

Venus Rose’s Venus Rising is a EP that seems to be a showcase of what Venus Rose is capable off. Thanks to producer Ralph, Venus Rose found a backdrop in which she can drop her vision of words and rap. She sounds like a pro, ready for the big deal; a good flow, nice and strongly pleasant voice that every commercial record label scout might bring out their contracts out for while licking their lips wet in their excitement of recognizing talent when they hear one.

But on the downside; the Venus Rising EP does come across more as a demo to be spread around then a actual EP. This got nothing to do with Venus Rose’s vocal skills, but more on the background music that gives lots of respectful way for Venus Rose to do her thing and shine, or is simply not strong enough to carry the word flow of Venus Rose in a equal voice versus music way. Even though i believe this EP would have sounded stronger if Venus Rose delivered the tracks in acapella form, it does seem like a good idea to have her voice accompanied by music as otherwise alternative music producers for sure would love to sample the hell out of it…

So yes Venus Rose got everything to be a rising star, and hopefully with this little presentation she will find the way to hit it big time somewhere in the music industry, as this sounds as just the beginning; like a drop that will turn into a sea of a music career! Fly, Venus Rose! Fly like a hip-hopping butterfly!

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2 Responses to Venus Rose – Venus Rising EP

  1. Venus Rose says:

    I want today it is amazing to receive such feedback and I highly appreciate your time to review my project and truly express your feelings about it. I will take this and become better at my craft. Thank you so much again.

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