Varios Artistas – Σшρτγ ◎ λ001

Varios Artistas - Σшρτγ ◎ λ001

The album artwork for Σшρτγ ◎ λ001 is an enticing pool of likely death-inducing digital liquid fabric that I am being pulled into despite all this concentrated effort to just look away, but I can’t, it’s so mesmerizing…

Artistas: Varios
Title: Σшρτγ ◎ λ001
Label: Σшρτγ
Cat#: Nada
Keywords: Acid, Audiobooks, Drone, Reggaeton, Saturation, Ambient
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

… seriously. Like, I’m watching this teaser video and it makes me want to jump into an ocean of synthetic silk…

… there are probably jagged shards of rock and glass right behind it, too. I know there must be.

Well, anyway, what we’re about to explore together while holding hands and blushing is an excellent compilation of sounds by many different artists, all of whom are… ah, I can’t focus at all while looking at this amazing album art, I’m sorry. I’m going to have to close my eyes and hope my fingers will land on the correct keys.

Smuesu. oyd ditr yp nr s gim s;ni,@

Getting this started, let’s talk about the first track by an Unknown Artist, titled ‘Sunday Demo’! The day of the Sun, the day of Sol, days of Ra. There’s an instant psychedelic thing happening, like a conga line being scrambled in synthesis, a tiny pitch-shifted vocal, lovely warm electric piano vibes.

After sailing the sea of stars on the last track, we arrive at ‘Heme En Tí’, by SU:UR. It begins with a touch of lightly distorted swelling ambiance. The groove is spare, minimalist at first and intellectualized in its application. The sequences are nice, a place of focus while the rest of the atmosphere is precise. The rhythms feel taken away, like they’re under construction really in a way.

Gordon is next, with ‘The Fundamentals Of Synthesizer Programming’, which promises to be educational. A soaring golden pad sweep… then a voice: “Hello!” it appears for real that we’re going to be taking a class, synthesis101, from inside a spacious vat filled with hydrogen, lifting and lifting. A dense bass almost like a taurus pedal echoes in, there are delicious Jarre-esque arpeggios, and the whole thing stays bright. As it unfolds, we’re in the thick of a jungle comprised of vivid mushroom colors and textures.

There’s a stomping lead-foot kick on ‘Litio’, by Trvmv, and a kaleidoscope of brassy harmonics swirling around. I feel like this track is riding on an elephant. There’s heavy low end bass, claps clapping around, a gong.

I’m struck by how we’re suddenly moving into musique concrète territory on ‘Aufräumen blutiges Chaos’, by O.M.F.A.P.S.P. It’s like a billiard hall full of low sample rate noises beating each other with cue sticks, then the whole thing is crushed flat by a garbage truck and dumped in a scrapyard. The track kind of shuffles it’s feet like muddy shoes on a carpet at times. Steam is constantly being released out of vents, scalding the ears. Certain low tones manage a kind of strangely compelling harmony much later, buried under layers and layers of crust that have formed from their mantle.

‘Sax (In Vevo)’ is by Lokotrón. Very low rumbles, kind of somnatic. A rimshot keeps time. Congas, a deep 4/4 house groove, evocative guitar. This is a nice piece. Suddenly, the titular sax arrives, sounding like a dry soprano. The rhythms grow to fill more space, then there is the best part of the whole thing where suddenly there are layers of guitar, the heavy kicks change up and percussion is getting banged out! It’s got a kind of swing to it that’s nice. Parts of the way this track is arranged feels highly experimental, certain sounds are dry, others are wet, things are kind of disconnected at times, but the feel remains positive.

Next is Joshua Brandon, with ‘Something Greater’… it’s like falling into a cryochamber at first, like Han Solo or something, but instead of being frozen in carbonite we’re instead handed a martini and find ourselves in some hidden secret zone off the Pacific rim and it’s beach time at sunset and there are robots and poolside aliens and torch-lit paths into forests that lead to ufos. For now, we can relax.

Right after that one blasts off, it’s time for some acid techno via Areyalux’ ‘Esmoog’. Still spacy, but more like a dark dancefloor in another dimension. Simple 909 / 303 combo, gotta love that.

Nihilusion brings us ‘Lo Maté’, which sounds great! Heavy electronic grooves, vocal samples, like a slow motion 90s/00s club vibe. One of my faves here so far!

There’s the ghost of a theremin and the largess of a bass guitar on ‘Esquizofrenia’, by La Memoria. Then it’s like we’re running to the chopper, which seems to fracture and distort. Then the guitar starts riffing and there’s some muffled drums. It’s kinda bluesy.

‘Adrift’ is by Mentira Mentira. There’s some static, birds, a calming guitar, soon joined by a another guitar. It’s very pretty and short-lived.

Haciendo Ruidos’ ‘Life And Death Of A Field Recorder’ sounds like some ambient rock glitching up. It is also very lovely! A wash of distortion, another loud wash of audience applause that quickly dies to some electronic modem noise, overtures… a refrigerator… growing ever more menacing like an army of very disturbed machines in a horror movie, for real. I think I’ve said something to that effect before about various tunes, but here it is highly tangible. They’re forming colonies, swarms of terror. It’s pretty wild, I love it!

After that, we come to a kind of fun shuffle of nearly reggae synth bass and guitar titled ‘Brujería’, by MareaBoba. There’s a voice, some dub sirens… machine chatter… now some tribal percussion right before suddenly ending.

Back to the cosmos for Uurah’s ‘Artificial Dialectic’. Nebulas drift by like jellyfish in a black sea. A looming alien craft fires upon us, knocking over all of our nice glassware! That sucks, I was kind of enjoying floating along before that. Aliens can be so cruel.

Then it’s a heavy electro dub thing titled ‘Nutrip’, which is by bdd and features Technic Trouble. Orchestra hits, dense lasers, chopped vox, loads of bass, mechanical vibes. Even some chip arps.

Manic breakbeat deconstruction is happening on ‘Freeze Asshole’, by Tropical Punch, getting into a kind of technoid breakcore vibe with those synthchords. Who called the cops??? Let’s get out of here… >_>

‘MW T (?)’ is by Mad Waves and is a very nice spacy rhythmic thing, a welcome sound to my ears right now… its simple but effective use of fx and ambient flavor, as well as its echoing, deep and hypnotic percussion is reminding me of sensations whose origins I’ve forgotten. As glimmering pads emerge, along with bells, I’m taken on a magical voyage to unknown worlds. This is what the edge of infinity might sound like. We’re in chime-space!

Brujø comes next with ‘Boychild ft. No Peafowls’, and there is guitar distortion creating a sonic wall behind which acoustic guitar can be heard, some vocals… then a thudding drum sets a tempo. There is a whirlpool of texture. When it picks up later on, I feel like I’m listening to a feedback-laden noise rock album with a backing track closer to trad rock, it’s kind of bizarre! It goes then into an amplified acoustic section full of hazy light and smoke. In post, I feel like the whole thing was like an alternate take on “classic” rock style or something.

Afterward is ‘Señorita’, by Möbivs. It’s got organ tones, a very downtempo groove consisting of a bass drum and rim. The vocals are among the best I’ve heard on the whole compilation, for sure. Noises scatter and reflect in the mix, and it’s very nice! I’m really enjoying this one now, it may also be my favorite track on this thing. Especially loving those bass frequencies and flourishes of arpeggio. The end cakes everything in reverb… excellent.

‘GOES ON’ is by P0110. I’m liking this one, too, very chill funk and perfect production so far. Gets a house groove, some vocal samples. When the distorted clav comes in, it gets hot! Damn, this one’s good… my, uh, other favorite track so far now… so, I’m not gonna pick just one after all. It’s even got some clarinet! It all works.

Todas Tus Caras comes up with a track called ‘Arena’. All wisps of choir and droning bass until some echoing synth arrives. Very low end bass. There’s an acid line escalating, its sawtooth waveform practically serrated. Synthetic percussion… lovely guitar is coming through… chip arps lead into disjointed grooves. It’s got a progressive feel.

Then, well, it’s a track titled ‘Oro’ and it’s by Das Dunes. It sounds more deep house, with a slight off-kilter swing groove and narcoleptic electronics. A nice layer of ambient voice rises, and also some guitar. When the rhythmic layers fill out it lifts the track into a sensual space. Then… more is added, kind of wrecking that vibe a little, but going to some interesting places anyway! It does come back, though. I enjoy all the sounds, how they seem to spin around in my mind. The vocal bits cut through, echoing and spreading like whispers against the dark horizon.

‘Mind01’ is next, which is by Arnvs. This one spins a lot more… sounds descend slowly, behind the hushed and abstract house groove. This track feels like it’s gone off on a tangent of sound but can’t figure out what else to do besides to hope we’re all off our asses on acid anyway. 😛

Turning Torso launches their track ‘Zazen’ into our ears afterward, a low wall of noise with an audible cut mark, repeating until the aching steel bones of a giant machine rumble to life. Later, there’s the distinct trace of a house groove, a lo-fi recording of a piano line. Bass gets louder… it all seems to dig into your brain, and never wants to let go, like some kind of creepy facehugger.

Very chill space pads happening on ‘Inside Your Mind’, by Marshmallow Dynamite. It’s highly abstract, a blender of sound collected from a chillout zone. It has some beautiful sound expressions at times! It ends with some low voices talking… very odd.

‘Sal’ is by Anitya Ahora. A clipping bass kick tone, some airy pads pulsate, then a percussive groove and a splattered sound join the party. Voice cuts… the grooves are nice, the bass is dense, and I’m enjoying the strange scaling flange noises. Reality is like a distant dream by now!

Dubzombie smacks us with ‘Centuria 200’ now, which has some gritty, noisy chilltones, some… electro rhythms and stuff. Winds blowing in my face.

And then we come to ‘Yoyowavy’, by Zarco 33. This begins with some 808, some percussive noises scattered onto the earth, some pad change-ups. A bunch of glistening synths are thrown in haphazardly. Then, it simply stops.

But, that’s ok. We’ve made it to the final track, something called ‘Anomika’, by Anónimo. It’s a swelling textural ambient noise piece. As the noises shift in the soundspace, it’s like a journey into a strange dream. I begin to hear a harmonic component rise. It is like we’ve come through a dark, grey woods and stumbled upon a grove filled with creatures who haven’t recognized us yet as not being of this place. Very cool!

Gotta say, this has been a super diverse compilation of sound! There is something here for everyone, unless you don’t like music for some reason. Well… maybe, then, too you’d be ok with parts of this compilation.

I guess you can let go of my hand now… I’ll need that to be able to point you effectively to the link at the bottom of the page… thanks… I hope you will come back soon!

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