Snail Rainbow – Never In Tune

Artist: Snail Rainbow
title: Never In Tune
keywords: electronic, experimental, folk, psychedelic, space, funk, enchantment, nonsense, whimsy, earth

Snail Rainbow just released an album which you probably really should hear, to just believe it’s actually real. I mean I’ve seen snails, with houses on their back or those naked ones.. Hell I even accidentally stepped on a few… But never, ever did I actually listen to them until now!

This album by Snail Rainbow will change the way we look and think about snails… Seriously the snail is one of the most fascinating creatures in the world and every day we seem to learn and respect a little bit more about them. Beauty farms are placing them on people’s heads to slime upon for nutritious skin benefits, but now it’s time to go one bite further and place the sounds that snails make into your ears. It will be amazing!

From all expected expectations no human probably would think of the sounds of snails being so cool, technoid and alien.. Yet we can hear our promised slime sounds; but they are of a supersonic kind that simply is going beyond our thoughts how a snail would sound like.

However it must be said that just like those beauty snails that they allow crawling on your face (who wants beauty; needs to be slimed upon) also these snails here are probably not your average rainbow snails. I’m sure these are a special breed of rainbow snails, specially made fit for the job of making all other snails sounding cool and far ahead in psychotic awareness.

Their slimy sounds are musical, electronic, melodious melodies that can be heard like snail folk bringing a futurist attitude in a techno kind of way. But do not think all rainbow snails on this album will sound alike; there are also rainbow snails songs that sounds fairly human, with singing humorist silly lyrics and the rainbow snail slime sounding familiar to what we humans would claim to be a guitar.

In fact the more you listen to Snail Rainbow the more their slime becomes human.. Or perhaps a hybrid of alien, human and rainbow snails.. The slime even forms a drumbeat and that is pretty much a surprise for anyone just thinking it would just be a bunch of slimy shhhllll shhlllll sounds..

If you listen carefully you can even hear Snail Rainbows talk and talk.. They seem to be talking forever.. And if you listen even better you can hear them talk while they are recording in a snail studio and it sounds sexual.. The snail are basically getting sexually aroused by their own snail music, with snail cum slime popping all in your ears, but also all over their own music mix. Guitar riffs and drums is like rainbow snail porn and after listening to this album you will probably want to grab a tissue to clean your ears from all the bogus snail slime that clogged them up..

There is also snail slime of sadness to be discovered when even listening deeper into this album. I must say the human part of this rainbow snails sound seems to be difficult to get out of my mind, the more you go through it, the more it becomes this humanity and less snaility. Even though the spirit of rainbow slimy snails is definitely there, it begins to sound more and more as human slime instead. You know a jangling guitar, a voice, a string…

When one of the Snail Rainbows can be heard expressing his stance on gay rights (after all the LGBT community is also covered in all the colors of the rainbow), I really feel as if this is not the music done by a snail at all.. It just doesn’t happen that a rainbow snail would be bothered to talk about gay rights.. I mean I’m not a rainbow snail.. But if I was one I would probably just talk about salad..

Lucky the rainbow snail turns into a Snail Rainbow again with a ‘song for a lucky snail’.. Which is not so much a song (there is no singing) but more a happy go lucky snail track to glide and slide upon..

Then there is ‘two hearts’ which also makes the rainbow snail persona believable as the music is slow and of a more minimal kind. A avant-garde snail without house..

Then another strange twist on this debut of Snail Rainbow.. In a song translated as ‘she dies’ we can hear suddenly the rainbow snail singing in the rainbow snail language.. There is a piano and something like a electric violin or something.. It’s an intriguing sad sounding song, and even though snail language is beyond my encyclopedia it did almost trigger a slimy snail trail out of my eye..

Are you ready for more nonsense? Snail Rainbow provides!
A song about speeding motorcycles.. No idea.. I’ve lost the plot of this album by Rainbow Snails.. It sucks, but in a cute way…

The last song is ‘Squidy Balloon’ which is actually a pretty nice brave snail rainbow song… Nice for a relaxing afternoon on the grass while listening to rainbow snails from very close up.. With a final cowbell and some slimy cheese the music turns up to focus on a blue sky and then this weird album is over…

No idea what this was all about. It certainly had its great moments, but was a bit slimy all over the place.. To me it felt more as if it was a collection of 3 EP’s of a different kind randomly placed and mixed on one debut album.. But hey.. We can’t be too picky as this is Rainbow Snails!

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1 Response to Snail Rainbow – Never In Tune

  1. Sven Vollstag says:

    It’s difficult to listen to this album and not consider it a triumph of Snail-Kind.

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