Fabio Crivellaro – INTERNET TRASH vol. 1

Artist: Fabio Crivellaro
title: INTERNET TRASH vol. 1
keywords: experimental, breakcore, gabber, industrial, lo-fi, techno, noise, noise-hop, psychedelia, rotten beats, Latina

Fabio Crivellaro makes a lot of things, and that means a lot of trash.. Now he decided it was time to clean it up for a bit and instead of throwing it out on the street inside a couple of black bags for the garbage men to pick it up; he decided to dump it out on the internet as an album. And what a great idea that was, as perhaps it is trash for Fabio, but to us trash diggers; this is a gold mine!

Enter your password as song’s title’ for example is the first piece of trash Fabio has illegally dumped on the internet grounds. This active piece of garbage throws in the deliciousness of a chopped up amen break (who throws that away?!) and acid drops with a crazy sample of some ethnic flute of trumpet. Something that makes me think of a snake coming out of a bin dancing to these beats and bits that shouldn’t be thrown away, but more blasted in a club to make the natters dance!

Stalking Marilisa is another great gift on this internet dumping site. It’s a robust rhythmic beat box punching in the face, reminding me how the sudden revival of danceable noise is rolling back into my ears again. If you liked the Plasst album so carefully reviewed by Hank over here, you will probably enjoy the more square jabs of loud (and actually quite fun!) dance music over here!

Fabian even dumped Andate a cagare voi e l’ambient di merda  in this collection of internet garbage, which for whatever reason shouldn’t be dumped so recklessly as this muddy mix of bombastic fun shit has for sure a nasty swing going on that might engage you in to a heavy low laying nastiness that made me think of gigantic pixelated dinosaurs jumping over each-other while breakdancing on a vast punchy but swinging noised up rhythm.

Another useful piece of trash is Pisciaiuolo . It’s a less noisier work and seems to me as if it’s family of a typewriter with beat typing capabilities. It’s a nicely floating type of work

La vera morte civile è pagare il canone  brings an nervous electronic angelic loop for elevating purposes together with the legendary hardcore kick. The track has one nifty little drink break before pushing the sky as the limit it flat out raver’s delight.

YouTube zapping goes for a rolling bass and a steady beat for bopping the head with and a random collection of snippets of YouTube clips. It’s get in flow towards the end and is a nice thing to be picked up among this internet trash that Fabian had left behind.

Una massa di coglioncelli che si da un tono col noise is more of trash that invites people to bang their heads too. It has a good relaxed swing, a nagging sound but a baseline and a ear penetrating sound f*ckery at the end to make everything alright.

Valvisciolo esotericamakes me think of the good old digital hardcore days.. I wouldn’t want to throw it away, just place it somewhere safe and sound and take it out once in a while for some hip twirling moves. And Il mostro della connessione a banda larga  is of course the cream on top of the cake. More beats, but seemingly more active and doing its best to give it a nice brew of energy. It’s a release for distorted beat lovers and if that’s you, well.. What are you waiting for? Check out Fabian’s trash at the following link:

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