Lola Bellman – Wild / Blind

Artist: Lola Bellman
title: Wild / Blind
keywords: electronic, pop, Berlin

Sometimes you come across music that you think is very good, but has not shown up to the surface enough to be really noticed. This album written and produced by Carlos Álvarez & Anna Lie under the name of Lola Bellman is one of them.

Carlos Álvarez & Anna Lie are Lola Bellman

From the beginning you can hear that this music has everything to be loved. It is something that could do well above ground as well as in the middle and in the underground. It has the sexiness of Malcolm McLaren’s Vogue, the warmth of a vintage vinyl and the modernity to be a more dreamy version of Little Dragon. Perhaps forget all the references; as references are bull!

This music is strong on its own, with interesting synthesizer sounds and melodies, upbeat happiness and Anna Lie’s sweet sounding vocals. The lovely melody in ‘love & gravity’ really feels like something that should be cherished, and if it would have fallen on the right promoters table; probably would be a well-loved & played radio hit for the summer. It’s really good stuff!

Every track is one that is standing bold of new takes on pop-ish music, with a courage not afraid to be adventurous and experiment without running too wild to lose the compactness of true miniature songs that sounds a bit like sweet little miracles upon discovery. Organic hypnotic takes on beats, lovely sounds, cute mellowness and everything seems to be superbly professional production wise. Everything is hearable, perfectly mixed without sounding too clinical or forced, easily creating hypnotic grooves that are simply impossible to dislike.  The track ‘treasure’ for example… It has this warm irresistible dreamy house funk vibe that you can imagine a critical star like Sade to be snapping her fingers too.. And you just know how picky she is; so this must be really good stuff!

^ this wonderful album full of ‘good stuff’ is available on cassette!

One song (dancing in the rain) on the album is purely done by Anna Lee, and it’s adorable.. She sings full of friendly passion about a romantic moment of dancing in the rain with… You! Yes, You! So you better listen, buy and get this album as that’s the least you can do after having Anna Lee singing such a sweet song about dancing with you…

There is also ‘Whales’ that sounds as if Carlos and Anna dipped in their mutual powers to do something more experimental while still keeping a Chrystal clear flow rhythmic wise. I’m not sure who (or perhaps both) are imitating the sounds if whaling whales, but not sure if whales will recognize it as a language of their own; which makes it actually even more fun!

Personal favorite is ‘Distant Dreaming’ with its house garage funk feel it for sure succeeded in their mutual goal to make listeners dance.. Here shoulders went moving up and down, toes started to wobble and before I knew what was going on I started to tip toe and twirl in circles all around the room.. This dancing moment basically continued with the ‘from A to B’ song which features a stabbing pleasant electronic baseline that fits in perfect balance with the warm loving cute friendliness that forms the rest of the music and song. It’s very sweet, but thanks to the cool rhythm it doesn’t sound as too sweet! So lovely discovering this album, it really makes me excited and wants to spread it around in sweet music loving friends their faces.

With 11 & 13 it’s hard not to find yourself treated with goodness, adorable ukulele, sugar sweet vibes and it’s making me all very warm, happy and cuddly inside.. Lovely album! You should hear it if you actually are into sweet and well-made music! You can hear the recommended friendliness over at the following link:

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