Mc Trachiotomy – GUSTAV

Artist: MC Trachiotomy
title: GUSTAV
keywords: dub, electronic, experimental,hip hop, industrial, rap, musique concrete, rap, United States
label: Poverty Electronics

This release is recorded at SPELLCASTER Lodge during Hurricane Gustav. To get the brains dusted off to remind us, or inform, about this Gustav; it uses a news report of this happening as a introduction. Terrified as we are listening to the apocalyptic news report, the atmosphere is set and the music good to go.

To spend the time useful MC Trachiotomy didn’t sit ‘duck and cover’ style under a table, but brought out a fine form of positive music to shake off the pressure that Gustav would blow off the ceiling. Everyone is ordered to put their hands up and shake it, wiggle and waggle. Get off their lazy ass and boogie.. And following this mad orders isn’t difficult as the music is as funky and groovy as it can get. Within a instant you forget Gustav and you know how hurricane hate it when you ignore them, or simply have no time to think about them because you are enjoying positive vibes too much..

Half Sleep’ keeps the positive vibes up in a groovy hip hop soup. There is the sneaky feel good beat, the funk and the heavy weight voice who announced he will sleep tonight.. hurricane Gustav presence definitely doesn’t bother MC Trachiotomy at all!

The feel good forget Gustav vibrations really has blown out of the window when ‘Any Day Now’ starts to play, happy party music that brings the music people together as one ball of happy karma that no force of nature will be able to touch.

The roof is being lifted while ‘skeleton’ plays, but it isn’t hurricane Gustav to blame but the upbeat unstoppable party music! You can pick up the energy, the happiness of MC Trachiotomy performing music and it’s rather admiring how fearless they groove the time away!

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