Robotic Joe – Best Of The Rest Album Bee

Artist: Robotic Joe
title: Best Of The Rest Album Bee
keywords: experimental, ghettotech, breakbeat, breakcore, breaks, electronica, gabber, industrial, techno, splatterbreak, trip hop, Toledo

Robotic Joe is a phenomena, an experimental breakcore star from Toledo and most importantly born and raised on earth.  He is on a quest to get a new Kaos pad and if you want you can help him by donating some cash for his ‘best off’ album, An album that strangely proofs that Robotic Joe without a new Kaos pad knows already how to bring chaos in an unexplored way. What would Dutch people say about all this?

The first track is already one to fall over and stumble, stutter, glitter and when it’s gone you too will roll over and scratch your head not knowing what it was that made you experience all that weird shit in just a couple of seconds. I would say this is a instant form of flabergasm! Dutch people will probably have a similar opinion…

Another fun work is ‘internet slags’ which is basically a hilarious weird one with breakbeats, slugs crawling over them and a infectious friendly trail of a comfy baseline forming the basic instinct of a dance friendly active kind of internet slag excursion. It’s very happy, yet crazy and wild.. Robotic Joe warrior style! Dutch people will call robotic Joe a ‘baas boven dwaas’..

Then there is mayhem, or let’s say Kaos (to keep up with the Kaos pad theme..). It’s a track named Raw and its like Robotic Joe nonstop runs you over with a bucket full of random weird sounds that form an audio episode of an epileptic attack. The Dutch people will probably call it ‘gezellig’..

RisperdalVrs.MySystem starts with some horrific insane making melody loop with an added movie snippet before suddenly jumping on a speedy break session that provides such a speed that it’s doubling up into a fine shape of madness. And when you think the mix can’t be any more voluminous; Robotic Joe proves your thoughts wrong and brings these eccentric maddening speedy breaks all together to a simple but insanity inducing piano loop… This is madness in audio form and it’s ready for you to hear and visit! Dutch people would probably say that it’s ‘knetter gek’…

Robotic Joe keeps your thoughts on the edge by bringing another ‘best off’ named Sinner69. It’s like cartoons on VHS being sped up, slows down and fucked in a tortured video player with added base kicks as the Viagra. It’s as if Tom & Jerry would be experimental sound makers trying to outsmart each other while having their tails stuck between video cassettes, audio tapes and the machines that they work together with. Pretty bizarre! Dutch people would probably say something like ‘compleet geflipt’

But trust me when Robotic Joe calls his own track something along the lines of ‘so fucked up’ , you just know that this must be some serious weird shit! Or perhaps in Robotic Joe’s world it would be the opposite? But the boundaries of all things considered weird are pushed to the maximum within this album. At this stage it’s like random weird sounds that follow each other in a wild chase up and down imaginary stairs, and with every speedy sound step you feel some brain cells expanding and then simply vaporizing in midair. It’s like so out of this world that it is great fun, pretty bizarre, extremely mental and prosperously interesting stuff. And to hear within all this madness a old school doorbell going on… Is pretty much your only sensible way out to reality… Dutch people would describe this als ‘waanzinnig’ and ‘koek koek’!

Song 4 Peyten  feels for a Robotic Joe a bit more normal, but considering that normal doesn’t exist; it’s still proper mental. This work however follows a more understandable pattern or at least fools my mind into being more sensible.. It’s full of active electronic flubber that flubbers around like a fine quick stepper that you should be able to dance too.. A weird dance, but still a dance is a dance! ‘Dansen en sjansen’ is what Dutch people would say I guess…

I really like SoundsAtTheCenterOfTheEarth. The title might suggest that it would be a listening session of hot lava, but the track itself sounds nothing like it. There is a sample confirming why the track is called like this and when it finished its announcement Robotic Joe throws the beat based music in a hyper mode that rolls excellent in my ears, and hopefully will roll just as excellent in yours.. The beats become like machine guns, bombastic, rough and unstoppable! I feel as if Robotic Joe has taken over the deejay boot at a drug infused drum n bass rave… Dutch people would probably call it the same, as English sounds better then Dutch how ‘jungle rave party’ would sound pronounced in Dutch.

Back on earth according to Robotic Joe we can absorb the madness once again through a track named StrangeInterwaggleShutterGorf . There is this random blow of whatever Robotic Joe could find rhythm wise and throws it in an eccentric way all over the listener. It’s like a mix in which every couple of seconds proudly turns into a moment if WTF. There is even roadrunner’s beep beep making an appearance… Dutch people would call it ‘gekkigheid’

TV Data is up next and it seriously cracks me up! The madness that is presented over here is absolutely fun, bombastic and nuts. I don’t know if I have to dance or laugh hysterically so it’s probably best to do both at the same tame! A whole back of insanity is making an appearance while hardcore beats are rolling all over the place expending the brain like an exploding Popsicle. Pretty rad! The Dutch people would call it ‘krankjorum’ !

Unconscious_V.2 is the last track in this album and it’s sounding like fun. Melodically there is a realm of cuteness presented here, while the beats are gliding around the samples like a sleek break dancer with a fun loving psychotic episode. Fun! And the Dutch people would call it ‘grappig en gek’.

Get this album here and help Robotic Joe to get more chaos in his tunes by some financial support of this eccentric music maker:

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