Ghh Shl – Sharp Pain Of Love

Artist: Ghh Shl
title: Sharp Pain Of Love
keywords: noise, Ukraine
reviewer: Simon Hit

Love can be nice; butterflies, going loopy, smiling, and being loaded with hormonal activities and warm feelings… But there is a dark side to it as love.. Well.. It can hurt like hell. It’s an interesting pain as it stabs you from the inside out, crushes your heart, and rips it out as if it was an unused appendix. The moment that a love relationship gets pushed aside and brushed off by the one you love with ‘I want to be just a friend’ is like slamming your face suddenly into a wall, sudden bursts if emotionally puking your hurting feelings out, and being sick to death with nothing that will be able to bring some light on the situation. It’s the time that you don’t know what to do; cut someone car tires, throw someone clothes and possessions out of the window in an orgy of pure rage, or just eat lots of ice cream and cry all day.

Ghh Shl made a track considering those feelings. There is not a lot of crying, but there is noise that reconstructs the pain and the love sickness when the one you love just wants to be friends. And to make this harsh audio reality even more worth your attention Ghh Shl included a noise interpretation too of a theme called ‘all girls are feminists’. It’s all pain and misery in the harsh noise world of Ghh Shl , why not join him and experience the sharp pain of love together?

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