SIKSA – Módlmy się o matki + Dym na Ukrainie (Live @ Miasto płonie 2015 / Gniezno]

siksaArtist: SIKSA
title: Módlmy się o matki + Dym na Ukrainie (Live @ Miasto płonie 2015 / Gniezno]
keywords: punk, perfo-punk, Poland

It is going well with SIKSA, the Polish perfo-punk duo, armed with only a bass guitar and angry girl on the mic. Not so very long ago they had a wild song released on a compilation on Weakie Disc Records, and more recent they did an official floppy release named ‘Modelka‘ on Floppy Noise records! Get your hands on that shit, because it’s hot as hell!
siska2The great dynamic of bass and anger voice really is one that needs nothing else. SIKSA gets their point across like a balanced punch that sounds like a message of punk, resistance and ‘in all secret’ quite good fun too! I’m not able to translate polish for you and neither for myself; but you can hear with the volume and their attitude that this dynamic duo isn’t there to sell boy or Girl Scout cookies!

This anger coming from the angry girl is as real as it gets, and it’s probably aimed at fascists, political idiots and other scum troubling the couple and fans. This recent video of them captures SIKSA performing two intensive songs Módlmy się o matki (Let us pray for mothers) & Dym na Ukrainie (Smoke in Ukraine) so bet that they are pointing out political wrongdoings and considering that there is laughter and hyped up cheers from the audience; there is good humor involved in their performing battle!

The cool thing is that the duo really doesn’t need anything more than just the two of them; the bassist greets, handles and carries with ease the voice of the angry girl in a way that it gets you excited to hop around with them, and the angry girl has such a personality and power that she basically counts for a whole band on her own! What a volume, and how cool that they put their forces together to bring their music and points across! Don’t miss out! This is the sound of a new generation! And trust me; no bare chested bear rider would come close to them as the music and powerful dynamics of this duo will rip the bastard apart!

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