Carlos Ramirez – Time Travelers

artist: Carlos Ramirez
title: Time Travelers
keywords: dark ambient, dramatic, drone, experimental, industrial, momo, mano, berlin, germany carlos ramirez, Oak Forest

Are you ready for an audio trip? Let your ears be filled up and go join me as a ‘time traveler’…
Thick layers of warmth are brought in for a harmonic dream drone setting in which the listener can easily be at ease; an audio infected place in which the mystics ways of being surrounded by a full on never silent emptiness rules with a certain serene dignity.

Parameter’ welcomes the seasoned daring listeners deeper into the warm world that Carlos Ramirez had crafted and prepared for the lucky ones. Here the listening audio lovers can cuddle up in a cozy winter friendly ambient zone that functions better than eating a can of hot beans, and chicken soup.

Then Carlos Ramirez delivers ‘Urban Symphony’ … This audioscape softly goes through a balanced sound hypnotizing progress that is of a pretty and soft spoken kind. Not that there are any words spoken, but the music seems to speak for itself. Slowly buzzing, humming, captivation and hooking unsuspected owners of ears ins some state of trance that isn’t a bad place to be in. Slowly but surely the Urban Symphony sets into a climax, before slipping us back down to the realm that is by some called ‘reality’.

Nibiru Cataclysm goes for a few chapters; first it takes it up slow and pleasurable like a soggy cookie that has fallen into a freshly brewed cup of tea.. But then a more darker laid out world is discovered. It isn’t of an evil kind, but more as if we are roaming around in a cave-like environment of grand proportions. There is lots of volume, and if the listeners would have the urge to squeak out a yell; it would probably echo through this vast amount of space of cave walls. The music however doesn’t involve yelling, and is of a kind and mysterious explorer kind. It’s as if we have no legs and simply flow with a bit of dust through this underground complex of nature, while (perhaps) thinking where our legs had been…  You know.. a bit like those movies in which you realize that the character are finding out that they themselves are ghosts.. Except that ‘we’ as a listener are finding out that we are actually ghosts too.. floating around in this underground cave world provided by Carlos Ramirez…

And Clandestine32 is basically the sound of our realization that we are not the only ones out here flying around.. Perhaps the undead is here too and we are not able to see them at this stage of being legless ghosts and all that.. The caves of sound that we fly around in gets the companionship of eerie closed up sounds of things that ramble, or perhaps a door that opens or closes.. a bucket of a miner?
The close up sound encounters are totally giving a scare, even though the actual sounds are not of a scary kind… I guess as a ghost without legs flying around in these warm soundscapes the ears just gets more sensitive to anything that seems abrogating our flotations.

And then we visit a underground chamber with a swing.. And it just depends on the listener’s capability to imprint the situation but it’s either us going for a swing; or realizing that there might be another untouchable, obviously playful, ghost swinging the swing. I chose to not be frightened and enjoyed the composition as if indeed going for a swing.. but the soft howling unheard off howls deep within the music that mysteriously follows are perhaps difficult to scribe off like belly rumbling.. Honey, I can’t see them; but I hear… DEAD PEOPLE!

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