Various Artists – Italian experimental underground 015 survey – volume II

Artists: Various
Title: Italian experimental underground 015 survey – volume II
keywords: experimental, electronic, inventions, musical, alternatives, sonic, soundscapes, unpredictable, sounds, Italy
label: Unexplained Sounds Group

A compilation showcasing Italians that make experimental music is always a good place to start when you are in need to sniff up some alternative cultural exchange.
In fact there are so many experimental music artists coming from Italy that even though we cover a lot of this part in the world; a lot of artists within this compilation we’d never heard off before. Strangely hearing this compilation, we can hear their various works but also discover one global theme that keeps the Italian artists on this album quite together.. Let’s go for a bit of individual attention and describe (if possible!) the tracks available:

Breaking Wood brings subtle sounds in some kind of ambient form. It’s difficult to say for me to say it’s this or that, but would like to mention that it comes across as if listening to a slightly clouded sunset.

Raul Masu’s Raki is a track that sounds a bit as if staring at a silent night sky in which ones in a while a Harry potter inspired figure dooms up on a flying broomstick. Hiiiiiiiiiii The broomstick rider flips out as it’s passing by and let the other minimal mystery sounds fill up the void of magic.

Then it’s time for the one and only Sonologyst to come in smoothly and present itself with a track named ‘harmonics in a lucid dreaming brain’. It’s good to mention the title as it’s like the right label to describe what’s inside the musical can. It sounds like a pleasant dream state, no weird adventures or strange encounters in which you wake up in sweat from; but more like you have been fallen asleep on a corner if a jazz bar and everyone has left except the musicians who serenade you with -indeed- lucid dream music. How nice!

Shadow Pugilist’s Duene is perhaps well described as another dream based work, except this one actually does have that feeling of slightly slipping into nightmare realms. However it refrains from choosing the dark or the bright side of dreaming, which makes it one of the kinds of tracks in which the listener can choose themselves. There is rumbling muffled hand drumming, warm rusty sounds and it keeps on the edge without falling over.

Remo De Vico throws in some violin bits, warm tonal tones and bells to create a certain lightness that brings up a romantic mood, something that sounds pretty much like a super light track that captivated the sound and feel of ‘love’.  Halfway the music changes and the vibe is clearly one of missing the loved one while the loved one is away. It’s night, birds and crickets fill up the emptiness while the music makes brushes his teeth before heading to bed..

Kyrmaan brings a light shadow kind of track that quietly flows along while doing its thing. It’s warm and fluffy; making it a work that is pretty comfortable to hear.

The music of Alex Kubotha is of a different kind. This musician brings in a intriguing composition that would fit a Italian horror movie by mixing cuteness, with eeriness. It’s a creepy mix to have sweet bell like sounds mixed with more dark and cinematic fear inflicting sounds together; but it definitely works as the track grabs the full attention until it’s finished. Can’t wait to see the visual movie for this one!

URNA comes with a more gothic sound and feel; a dark holy feel as if we are accidentally stumbled upon the dark secret basement in the Vatican. It’s muffled industrial distortion and percussive procession  could be easily heard as if it’s a parade of dark clothed priests doing some ritual that shouldn’t see the light if day. Luckily this music is exposing it!

Monade brings the opposite of the previous track; showcasing a more faithful side, pretty hymns angelic humming delights in a sun-shine-through-a-cathedral kind of environment. Priests doing their thing in broad day light!

Thanks to Marta Zapparoli we can hear the Italian country side’s finest bees or wasps, birds and crickets. There are human sound activities too, so it’s basically a whole sound showcase of the natural versus the unnatural; as Marta is there of course manipulating and providing new electric elements to the track. Some high beeping, underwater storms are washing the buzzing insects away and it feels as if listeners could hear this as a refreshing shower on a a hot Italian brewing day.

Edwin Lucchesi brings a impressionable piece that sounds a bit like a classic work that would have not been odd if it had popped out throughout the decades that Italian music existed. What’s the word for it? -Timeless- a flute, a rhythm… Time passes by quick when you’re having fun!

Globoscuro brings an experimental slightly creepy but appealing avant-garde soundscape full of sound snippets, manipulations and oddness. It’s a interesting work, creating all kinds of points of tension and bizarreness. Something that sucks up the interest like watching an art house cinema movie in a language you can’t quite grasp, but can’t stop observing it.

Giacomo Salis’s work is very soft, a piano melodrama of a minimal kind. It’s really nice as some times less is better, and I could imagine this track on repeat and going for a nap would turn out like a perfect mix and match.

Ice Symphony by Bus de Refos is the final work and seems to dip in to that dream state of mind in which all makes sense, nothing is harsh and everything is pure. It’s a nice ending of this compilation showcasing Italian experimental sound artists at work as it confirms that their togetherness (in this compilation) is one of dreams and slight nightmares.

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