Interview With Graham Boosey, the director of Wrieuw Recordings


Once upon a time, through the modern ways of interactive typing and connecting,
two computers connected from two very different locations in the world to engage in a ‘chat’. On one side we have KN in Asia and on the other end Graham Boosey in the UK.
Let’s see what those two personalities are typing shall we?

KN> Hi Graham, thanks for doing this ‘on the spot’ spontaneous interview with me. It’s already quite late here, so let’s waste no time and get on with it (if you don’t mind)

Graham Boosey> Ok, I would hate to get between you and your dreams And thank you as I’m honored to be considered worthy of this interview.

^ KN on the left chats through the internet with KN who appears on the computer screen

^ KN on the left chats through the internet with Graham Boosey who appears on the computer screen

KN> I will try not to say naughty things as everyone else will be reading along. You are one of the first artists that I knew off that had released an in depended floppy diskette as Rainbow Valley together with Hybernation. Can you remember how that one came about?

Graham Boosey> Yeah, Hybernation is my friend Stuart and we did this gig together in the planetarium in South end. We had started a label together called Courier, and the first release came with the ticket to that gig. I think I suggested to him we try and release a floppy disk, for the second release, and his music lent itself wonderfully to the lobit sound.
KN> it indeed did sounded perfect; very kind and warm. Was this your first floppy disk release experience?

Graham Boosey> It was indeed, well, the first with my music on it. I remember finding Diskette Etikette and crapping myself with excitement that such a thing existed. So I decided to terrorize Neil who runs it until he agreed to release some of my music. He agreed but I had to wait a while, so I did this in the meantime, to get some sort of floppy relief I guess

KN> ah, that’s a wonderful little story, and also very nice to see that sometimes a wait is reason for others to ‘create’.

Graham Boosey> Yeah, I just loved the idea of putting music out on a floppy, and I was more than happy to wait to be a part of it

KN> Glad that it happened the way it did. And indeed Diskette Etikette Rekords is a wonderful home for your music.

Graham Boosey> Yeah, Neil is super nice and everything that was released on that label was gold
KN> can you please describe (if you can) what it is exactly that you think, when thinking about music on a floppy diskette? What is it that (you think) that makes this format so attractive to you? is it the nostalgia?

Graham Boosey> A few things I guess. I have always got far more enjoyment from making music when there are restrictions in place, so I liked the fact it is a challenge to fit a certain amount of music on there. And yes, Nostalgia plays a part, I grew up with my Commodore Amiga and I think it always reminds me of that. You know, a happier time, when I was a kid and would lock myself away for hours on end. Not having to talk to actual people. I’m far happier in the company of magnetic disks and pixels

KN> that’s plenty of wonderful reasons for love for the floppy diskette. Thanks for sharing that, wonderful!

Graham Boosey> of course, Oh and that sound. When they load up. I could listen to it for hours. Which I did I guess

KN> ha-ha, yes that sound is indeed super cute and pleasant. Do you think there is a special kind of music that should be fitted on a floppy disk? In a respectful for the floppy way? Or do you believe that anything goes?

Graham Boosey> Yeah, that is the beauty of it for me, literally anything goes, and it all falls under the same banner and scene. I love that the obit and floppy scene welcomes all music. lobit rather. It’s very welcoming and without pretense

KN> yes, it is indeed a music scene that might be small, but definitely is clear from discrimination and lack of creativity. So do you think that Floppy Disks and lobit are like a match made in heaven? the natural way forward for lobit lovers that want to get their hands onto something physical? Or do you think its two separate things?

Graham Boosey> Yeah, it’s kind of linked because if you want to cram a reasonable amount on, it has to be lobit and it is of course the best way to get some physical lobit in your life.

^ Graham Boosey on the right watches and chats with KN who appears on a computer screen on the left

^ Graham Boosey on the right watches and chats with KN who appears on a computer screen on the left

KN> you have setup another record label that is also releasing floppy disks with a lot of love and care. why did you start this label, was there anything you had in mind that pushed you to go for this?

Graham Boosey> Yeah, the label came to life because I wanted to release a mini CDr split between myself and a wonderful Japanese band called table music meeting. From there I decided that I wanted to release some more music by people that I liked and decided to start putting out floppy disks. Sorry, couldn’t make that sound exciting

KN> it sounds exciting to me

Graham Boosey> You’re too kind

KN> Wrieuw Recordings seems to be introducing & probably inspiring the artists to go for a floppy disk release. How are the reactions of the artists that released on your label when you tell them about doing a floppy album?

Graham Boosey> Really good actually, I guess that sense of nostalgia appeals to them in the same way. They may just agree in the hope I’ll stop bothering them also

KN> ha-ha, I don’t think so. I’m sure they are proud and happy to be on Wrieuw

Graham Boosey> I try to do things with love and positivity and I hope that come across

KN> They all sound very good and a nice bunch of music together. And definitely, you can see and feel the love that has been put into these releases.

Graham Boosey> I try to have a common thread with all the releases but I think I’ve just decided to release music by nice people now

KN>  what if someone reads this and is inspired to get in touch with you in the hope for a floppy release; how would you approach this?

Graham Boosey> I will always have a listen but will also always be honest, I have to like it to release it, and it’d kind of suck if I put out something without love and care

KN> ha-ha totally true

Graham Boosey> But go for it anyway, what do I know?

KN> that’s great advice. And who knows a new friend arises; or perhaps in the mean time they will make their own (just like you did when inspired by Diskette Etikette) it’s a lovely circle, really

Graham Boosey> Yeah, I always want to help, even if I don’t release it I would always point in the direction of some other great labels like Floppy Kick, or offer help to get it out for them in some way
KN> Am I right to say that you are all about Floppy and Lobit Love?

Graham Boosey> Most of the time, assuming I’m not eating

^ lovely floppy releases made with love

^ lovely floppy releases made with love

KN> it’s really nice to have such a warm loving label around, and truly hope many more surprises will come out of it in the future.

Graham Boosey> Yes, I’m just in the middle of making the next release right now. In reality it’s a stupid idea for me to have a label as I’m really clumsy and tend to cut myself a lot when making this releases. It’s fun trying to get them done before losing too much blood.

KN> ha-ha, I hope you have someone around to check if you didn’t die from a paper cut.

Graham Boosey> It’s mainly the blade I cut the paper with. Yes, my dog is trained in first aid
KN> it’s a labor of love and blood, with a dog on the side standing by just in case of a DIY emergency, right?

Graham Boosey> Pretty much, except when I’m eating. I literally put my blood, sweat and tears into these things. Lots of tears, But that’s normal

KN> it gives the releases extra emotional value I believe

Graham Boosey> I think so
KN> In any way is totally love what you are doing with it, and recommend to anyone who don’t know about it to check your label out and find a happy world of music. I think we should now go and eat something, as your references to eating totally made me hungry

Graham Boosey> Thanks, that’d be wonderful, hopefully not too many people as I need my hands for work. Yes, eating sound good, It always does though.

KN> perhaps you can learn the dog how to cut it for you

Graham Boosey> Yeah, instead of sitting there silent, judging me

KN> dogs can be so judgmental

Graham Boosey> I know but he’s always pleased to see me, which is nice

KN> in fact, it should be cooking for you right now. I fancy some greasy burger, what about you?

Graham Boosey> Yes, grease is good

KN>  Floppy Grease!

Graham Boosey> That sounds like a horrifying porn sub-genre that I never want to investigate

Floppy Grease

Floppy Grease

KN> okay, let’s eat!

Graham Boosey> Cool, thanks so much for giving me the time to chat

^ eating time!

^ eating time!

Wrieuw-Recordings and their floppy diskette releases  & other goodies can be found over at the following link:

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