Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Amid the ancient stones lay their spirits as well as their bodies

Artist: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt
title: Amid the ancient stones lay their spirits as well as their bodies
keywords: dub, electronic, experimental, musique concrete, United States, accidental guitar
label: Poverty Electronics

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt rolls out the red carpet and over it parades his music. First guest arrived: dressed in blue and with a long dress of industrial comfort noise hand in hand with a voice that speaks a poem in the German language. They walk further down to face the press as a new super market trolley arrives to drop another red carpet guest to the fabulous party. This guest is certainly not alone; a whole group of half machine / half high spirited individuals are suddenly firmly parading loud and about, creating an atmosphere that is as if we are dealing here with a product coming from a true sound inventor. No big surprise if you knew that these are the sound children of Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt THE inventor of the accidental guitar method.

After their press meeting they will probably be ready to walk in your ears too.. Just follow the red carpet, crazy friends!

Accidental American had arrived! Photographers and paparazzi are flashing lights as this eccentric track makes its way out of a box on wheels dragging a chain of rattling cutlery and wind catchers along its legs. The accidental Anerican creatively plays on cute bell like tingle tangles and electronic mystery devices. It’s an odd looking red carpet guest, but it’s presence is one that is certainly a shot in the right direction. The accidental American brings out the gambling dices, rolls them out on the carpet, predicts a trans-human future while presenting an analogue sound orgy for the all watching and observing crowd with hungry eyes for an autograph. This autograph will never come, but the presence of the accidental American and the original music that comes with it should be enough to satisfy the crowd.

Oh my god, the paparazzi is going berserk as ‘beyond basquit’ is making an impressive entrance! Beyond Basquit is carried on Andy Warhol’s legendary shoulders. Bells ring, holy smoke and candle light.. Everyone is required to enjoy the work passing by in silence as Beyond Basquit’s gigantic aura seals the crowded crowd with the blessing of a calming kiss…

Then an octopus arrives driving around slowly pull after pull on a specially invented electronic triggered portable toilet bowl.. The octopus is wearing a t-shirt with ‘ Amid the ancient stones lay their spirits as well as their bodies ‘ printed on it, This is not a normal sight and it certainly gives the paparazzi, press and autograph hunters a bewildered silent look as it slides by. The octopus leaves a wet trail on the red carpet, and seems to stop halfway to stir with one of his tentacles a cup of tea… Cause that’s what octopuses do!

While we are all here, together with all the biggest news reporters and every TV channel in town at this unique red carpet event somewhere else is the smell of smoke and fire.. A small hint; Baltimore… The paparazzi, the photographers and journalists completely ignore the smell of smoke and cover the Sean Derrick Cooper Marquandt red carpet parade with great attention & eye for detail.

When the whole lot has arrived and the red carpet is rolled up and the press and other weirdoes with an absurdly high interest in the red carpet event have gone home.. A final guest arrives… Totally Stille…

Hear the event in chronological order over here:

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