Sindre Bjerga – Original Replica (live)

Artist: Sindre Bjerga
title: Original Replica (live)
format: tape / digital
keywords: electronic, experimental, avant-garde,funk,live, tape, collage, United Kingdom
label: KIKS/GFR
reviewer: Willem van O.

Sindre Bjerga’s direction in music is brought to life and recorded on two very different locations in the world. The first live recording has captured Sindre Bjerga performing in New Castle, and the second one in Seoul, Korea. In New Castle the artist brings a set that seemingly consist of muffled, mortified, and fucked microphones (all in the name of outer border sound experimentation) and voice , but also twisted cassette tapes and effects. Plugging into this live performance with just the audio as a reference might not be as cool or visual as seeing and hearing Sindre Bjerga doing it live in front of you, but it does highlight and focus on the sounds that this artist is creating without being distracted by the persona himself. But this concentration on audio only doesn’t make the ‘music’ a easy piece to digest or to be light hearted about; it sounds serious. And with this in mind I still find myself stroking my chin with wonder and slight amazement in order to analyze the live set that is presented here, just as I would probably would do when being there and actually can see what and how Sindre Bjerga is creating this all in front of an audience.

The set done in Seoul is done in a similar order, yet it invokes less chin stroking than expected, but still enough to not harm the natural growth of a summer’s goatee. Sindre Bjerga sings like a dadda-ist mangled tape impressionist doing pop songs, plays and rapes his favorite tapes that he plays for you. Sindre Bjerga explores some stuff to play for you that will generate handicraft listening noises, and this seemingly sets the balance straight that even though the artist might flash some good minded humor here; this audio performance is certainly no joke. Hysterical laughter is not only out of place, but also very unappreciated; so if that’s what you want or need you better move along; but if you want to be treated in a serious and appropriate respectful way as a experimental sound live performance lover you’ll better grab this tape and start stroking that chin of yours like a true appreciator while going through these listening sessions with a focus and most important; a serious mind and attitude. Sindre Bjerga’s improvisational chapters on this tape might not be for everyone, but if you read this; you are probably classified as someone who is not ‘everyone’. Get it on a tape or perhaps digital / give it a spin over at the following link:

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