Nicole Magdalena – Exit The Lagoon

Artist: Nicole Magdalena
title: Exit The Lagoon
keywords: alternative, folk, rock, acoustic, chillout, classical, experimental, rock, piano, romantic, London, singer songwriter

Nicole Magdalena released her sing and songwriter debut: Under the plain looking black and white album photo cover hides it, until someone opens it up and reveals that this is not your average voice and guitar juggling that there is so many off.

First of; the guidance-music that has teamed up to give the written and performed songs by Nicole a real refreshing sound, makes it a pleasant stimulating discovery. It gives a new young refreshing look on a genre in which normally music most of the time seems like a unimportant second choice in order to let the lyrics shine through in domination.. But not on this nifty pleasant debut of Nicole Magdalena, in which music and voice go hand in hand, even giving each-other enough space to really feel the music, and groove that the singer songwriter adds to it with her word play.

It really comes out in ‘lady of the hills’ in which it’s almost as funky and hypnotizing as an organ induced ‘The Doors’ track, but then without the whole lizard king gibberish. Instead it goes for an excellent piece of music that sounds as if its  made for the sun and flower fields. The voice of Nicole is not only bringing her seasoned sounding lyrics, but also comes across as if it’s an actual instrument, firmly rowing the steam of music to funky and hypnotic proportions. I’m feeling it, and with this I mean; I’m dancing on sing & songwriter material, which is something that rarely seems to happen!

Out of factual information and respect it’s really a good idea to check out the music makers who are responsible to create such a refreshing new sound:
Nicole Magdalena!

Yes, of course, Nicole is not only a talented singer and songwriter she also has the music in her blood that makes this debut in such a refreshing surprise. Next to her singing in a rhythmic way, she plays piano, organ and the mandolin.
The guitars, bass, tambourine, percussion, backing vocals and technical issues like production and mastering are done by someone named Jude Rawlings.

I don’t want to shove too many feathers of compliments in these people their buttocks, but have to congratulate them with this really nice sounding release! It made me all enthusiastic, and with open ears lurking hopeful in to the future in the hope to hear more…

It’s really the production and music style that got me a bit ecstatic; every song sounds clear and not afraid to have its own identity. Ten to a Penny’ really swings, with a bright bass guitar, light but unstoppable beat, effective backup of Jude, and the sunny voice of Nicole that completely rings my bell. It’s lovely!

Even the more open sounding ‘Sigh no more’, that goes for piano and organ to give the soulful song and voice the right emotional value; sounds clear and lovable. I hate to say this but we might have stumbled here upon a release that actually is made by real talented musicians, and this might actually be something we never really hear a lot over here!

…actual music.. oh boy.. oh girl…

The end of the world must be near; but whatever brought this discovery of Nicole Magdalena and Jules to my ears; it is a refreshing ear opening pleasant joy to go through…

Just listen to ‘How Time Flies’ and you will too hear that this music is not following a chewed out pattern of ‘heard-it-all-before’ but simply takes unexplored turns in song, and music togetherness into unexpected turns without going for a vague or all too experimental surreality. It’s all perfectly listenable and easy to feel, but not afraid to try out and bring new things; setting Nicole Magdalena’s debut into something people should be aware off..

The realization still didn’t really kick in..
We just found our self something odd…
Sensible pleasant Music..

With the inner personality coming out in a pleasant way.. Maybe I’m getting older, or perhaps effected by the classical music that my dog likes to listen, but whatever it is: I do really like this debut release.. I think it’s really good…
But please do not trust me, just take a look and hear it for yourself:

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