Saturn From Essence – SPT-CLJO546-5345 C62

Artist: Saturn From Essence
title: SPT-CLJO546-5345 C62
keywords: ambient, space, experimental, drone, noise, dark ambient, Ukraine, sci-fi
label: capture the cobra

SPT-CL JO546-5345 is one of the most massive galaxy clusters ever found in the early universe. It is thought to be 7 billion light years away. It was discovered at the South Pole Telescope in 2008 by the Sunyaev-Zel’dovich-Effect…

Saturn From Essence brings a texture of atmospheric space ambient that first settles itself down, before slowly adding harmonizing elements. The music is containing a vast amount of thickness in drone that superbly collides through the air, damping the void with a fine layer of humbling Sci-fi that makes me want to breathe in and out slowly, so not to miss any microscopic maneuver that the fragile-ness in sound might make.

But this space alien backdrop ambience is not always just light and fragile, there are moments that it has a slight taint of serene darkness. Perhaps this is not a shock as a vast amount of space is to our eyes without reach of a star, moon or sun one gigantic black void. But Saturn From Essence doesn’t shape this darkness as a sign of something we should be afraid off; delivering it as something peaceful and harmonic. It feels as a humble making ambient album in which a minimal approach is so carefully played out that it doesn’t come across as minimal at all.

I love how in ‘cold’ the atmospheric space ambient work seems to step more to the foreground, slowly doing its thing while a slight muffled friendly distortion reenacts a sound that my imagination links to a space engine of some kind. The music might be translating a cold or lonely place, but for some reason the atmosphere that is set is to me coming across as a very comfortable place to be in.

With the final piece named ‘forgotten space of chaos’ the feeling of finding a place of comfort far away from the human infested earth keeps on growing, but here the darkness gets a pleasant glow of strange satisfaction and perhaps fulfillment. It’s as if founding heaven somewhere out there in deep space, and now we are able to hear it just from wherever we are without going for the long journey ourself. It’s nice and calming material, and if this is what you need than this is what you get (if you click the following link):

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