Clockwork Orchestra – The Man With The Golden Nose

2Artist: Clockwork Orchestra
title: The Man With The Golden Nose
keywords: fish, golden nose, gold, pop, alternative, fun

Clockwork Orchestra released an great fun sounding album named ‘a fish for a heart‘; it’s full of energetic songs and music that for its entirety keeps this hot bed of creativity alive, making time fly by rather quickly!
The songs on the album also have interesting stories to tell, a bit like a book to which you will not look crazy if you would be found while dancing to each story! The stories are not your average ones, but ones that come out of the fantastic fantasy mind of the eccentric singer songwriter & music maker ‘Paul Mangan’ who is basically this ‘Clockwork Orchestra‘.

One of my personal favorites on this album just got reborn with the help of a visual representation. People might call it a video clip nowadays, but I will call it a performance that has been recorded through the lens of a camera, edited and put out there on the digital highway for people who couldn’t be there when it was actually made.

The song in question ‘the man with the golden nose’ is a delicious one in which up-tempo music and perhaps quite direct story telling lyrics are brought together to create an instant fun fest. It might be a bit visual as the man with the golden nose doesn’t stick it under tables or chairs that he loves to stick his nose inside someone’s (a female!) private business, but that’s what makes Clockwork Orchestra so remarkable and to the point in honesty. The songwriting stories by Paul simply are not lend for censorship, making Clockwork Orchestra one alternative underground act that tell their content like it is & no ‘parental advisory’ sticker is stuck on any of the fish loving artist’s output.

Be aware the visualization of the song doesn’t contain stiff nipples pointing forwards, but do bring the man with the golden nose and close friends in his controversial habitat. As observers we can enjoy the shiny golden nose in all its glory, almost outshining all your non existing collection of golden tickets to the Charlie’s Chocolate Factory.. And if that isn’t enough the man with the golden nose engages in extrovert behavior by dining on golden spaghetti, and clinging and sipping poisonous good looking golden champagne that most of us can only dream off.

But thanks to a clockwork Orchestra we don’t need to dream no more, as with this performance Clockwork Orchestra and movie maker Dirk Baumanns rubs the golden goodies in your face while the music tickles your ears into a happy dancing frenzy. Might this be time to show of your golden moves?

Get this song, and other fun ones by obtaining a must have copy of the ‘A Fish For A Heart’ album over at the following fishy link:

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