Aya and Tyler – Oshuns of Love

Artist: Aya and Tyler
title: Oshuns of Love
keywords: devotional, electronic, electroacoustic, electronica, mantra,meditation,sacred,galactica,sound healing,soundscape, yoga, New York
reviewer: Simon Hit

Doing yoga for the mind and listening to fitting yoga music is a bit like being a food fan and eating. The music for my mind-full yoga and review session is done by Aya and Tyler.
My startup yoga session in which I basically sat in a arms and legs crossed over each-other position, was going well with the duo’s music that filled the air with some slow paced music. It was the thing that probably helps to focus the brain on something that we yoga lovers call the reaching of ‘the inner state of emptiness’.

If you have managed to throw out all the troubles and thoughts from everyday life, and focus on the nothing of nothingness you’ll be doing it right. And if the music comes up with some wonky human beat box, you might as well hope your brain is completely without sarcasm or any other thoughts as otherwise you might find yourself in an odd position;  feet behind your ears and an elbow resting on your own behind.

The trick is to go through it and let everything go, even if you can’t stand the human beat box… Give in and give up, and just let the mind accept that not every yoga music session is as you had hoped it to be.. A great yoga mind lesson to be learned and when done correctly you will even appreciate the human beat box, and thank it for being this challenging bonus element.

The next track makes me feel so sleepy that I completely forget that I’m here to do yoga and healing of the mind practices. It must be the soft melody that passes through the ritualistic loop of hymn singing. It’s nice, although it’s making me so sleepy.. It’s really a fight for me personally to focus on inner peace, or on how I adapt the tempo of my inhaling and exhaling air from my lungs in a spiritually approved way.. I’m basically fighting against a music induced sleep , but on the other hand feel fascinated as I do find this part of the audio yoga session a serious health benefit for anyone with a sleeping disorder..

But just at the moment that I felt my body slipping away to wake up itself from a loud snore; the human beat box slips in again.. It’s just for a little bit, but enough to wake me up and focus on the yoga brain exercise that this music is probably made for.. When going for it, the human beat box re-returns again; giving me a hopeless feeling of not being serene enough to endure the entire session without feeling hateful towards the human beat box.. It’s very difficult for me to sleep or focus on my own mental well-being, when I can only think about a human beat box walking over the mystical vocal progression… I guess I’m not a fan of this human beatbox loop..

Luckily ‘medicine melody’ doesn’t contain… Shit.. It DOES contain the human beat box.. I can’t help it but feel a unnerving human rage boiling inside of me who wants to throw the human beat box out of the window, so I can just listen and enjoy the music in all peacefulness; without this human beat box..

The music is made for pretty mind traveling and is powerful on its own, just feel the human beat box destroys the floating atmosphere by giving it something that flattens it into something that just isn’t helping me to make me float or concentrate..

But I did not lose my appetite for a hopeful new yoga of the mind session and I’m glad to inform you all that with’ Om Namah Shivaya’ I finally enjoy the music as I hoped it would be. Pretty, angelic and floating and even though there is a rhythm introduced towards the end ; thank Goth it isn’t one made by a human beat box but by some humbling egg shaker..

Uma’s Breath is also for the biggest part a great track for utter spiritual connection and inner healing, bringing wellness to the mind.. But unfortunately you-know-what comes in…

I don’t get it.. I mean of course it’s just probably a question of tastes that differ, but still is this human beat box beat (that sounds so plain) really needed to guide our willing minds into a peaceful harmony? Sure if it was a human beat box that playfully went on a spiritual stroll, zooming and brewing around the singing harmonies; it would have been a justified interesting thing to be added, but as a music loving fan I feel it’s as if the maker of the human beat box has a need to just add it for the sake of claiming territory. It just doesn’t seem to be needed, and in my ears break the spell of musical magic by being this presence that should have stayed home taped to a chair until the recording had been completed to great success…

It’s bad listening to ‘oshuns of love’ and encountering unwanted feelings of inner rage just because of a human beat box. Perhaps I need other Therapy first and is this release (including the beatbox) an album for next level yoga masters that are in such spiritual higher heights that they can simply block the human beatbox out of their minds. I have a long way to go, and hope one day that I too will be able to fully enjoy this album without feeling how I feel now… A bit frustrated.

If you (unlike me) are a master of the mind, a harmonic balance between thought soul and body.. and in search for pretty music to meditate and an ability to block out any unwanted parts by pure self-focus and control; this album might be made for you!


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