Dr. NoiseM – A

Artist: Dr. NoiseM
title: A
format: CD
keywords:  dark ambient, drone, experimental, ambient, noise,

Dr. NoiseM surprises with an interesting new release that goes for something that my ears had not discovered coming out of the vortex of sound oeuvre of this doctor yet. Something very smooth and sensible, a composition that feels like a air that escapes gradually and slowly from a pair of lungs that had never inhaled a single bit of cigarette smoke in their entire life. Even second hand smoke seems to have passed these lungs as the air sounds fluent, long and very healthy.

The air is a bit cool in sound, as if it had sucked upon a mint or a refreshing chewing gum. This fresh air drapes itself slowly throughout the premises, over the floor, crawls up the curtains and soft and gently finds a way to enter the ears of participants that have willingly exposed themselves to the sound of this excellent doctor.

When the air has successfully entered the ears it simply collides slowly on as if there are no organs, blood or bones that might form an audio barrier.  With a smooth bow and flair the air of these healthy never-smoked-before lungs fills up the entire body of the personal listener. The tone in this gas like state of listening material changes gradually, as if it picks up the dirt from the inner walls of the listener and carries it kindly on its forth taking journey to find a descent place to dump it.

The music becomes more and more an active rinsing and cleaning progress that is an intriguing experience for mind, body and soul.
The Doctor knows certainly what is best, and this way of stereophonic audio rinsing is not only interesting and mind absorbing, but also hypnotically laying down a feeling of well-being.  The twirling aroma of air getting more stamina and allure is truly becoming an vast amount of audio wonder. Dr.NoiseM has obviously directed this sound progression with great passion and care, making sure that any millisecond is used to get an participant engaged in this audio work; into one that must have a bliss on its facial expression of pure satisfaction. The air sounds beautiful, like an animal that has a thin veil-like skin that you could see through. It is here that the air slightly touches ground to become tones of music. Inspiring almost violin-like tones give the air a cinematic effect that is of a pleasant kind.

Then the music becomes like an epicenter taking all the gathered particles that the air had gathered, relocates it with a passionate musicality that makes you feel very alive. After the clear decomposition of human dirt that this floating air has been taking care of so well, the music goes for a gradual chill down. Slowly but surely turning into clean air again, maneuvering itself  from the insides of the listener until it slips out from the ears all the way back to the CD that it had come from.

This is not just an album; it’s like going for a clinical audio progress that rinses listeners from the inside out & entertains the brain at the same time. Great work from one of the most recommended doctors in the entire world. Grab a epic session by getting a physical copy from the following link”

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