5 music makers you should know about

^ hail the ugliest artwork in the world! Yeah I know it sucks did it again! hooray!

^ hail the ugliest artwork in the world! Yeah I know it sucks did it again! hooray!

Hello dear reader,

Glad you are here.. I have something to tell you that you probably have no ears for, but that’s why I type it here for your eyes. The listening part comes a little bit later, but trust me.. it’s a thing named ‘save the best for last..’ anyway what I wanted to say…

I had this idea of making a coloring book. I know it isn’t a brand new idea as there are many (perhaps even too much..) coloring books out there. I guess the secret reason that there are so many coloring books being made, is that printing picture books in full color is probably a expensive procedure.

But under the smart disguise of ‘coloring books’ they basically bring color books out only with the big difference that (mostly) children will color them in for no price whatsoever. In fact most of the time a parent even pays for these books so (In most cases) they can let their child experience child labor at an early age. Armed with crayon, pencil, or finger paint they are put to the task to change black and white prints into colored ones. Smart move & Way to go capitalism!

But okay; so colored books are expensive, and for some reason stealing colored-in color books by children for resale feels a bit like taking away a Popsicle from a child that had been licking it for quite some time: It might be shiny, and bright, yet somehow pretty much disgusting.

So this idea of making a coloring book is just floating in the air and while it did; I colored in some pictures myself, so the children don’t need to do it and can play in the garden or check their phones or whatever they do nowadays..

Okay, but we came here for music.. Your post promised us a top five of music makers to check out..

Well yeah.. But the pictures came first and then this list appeared.. But I get what you mean.. You want me to come to A point… Well here are the colored pictures drawn of some (in my opinion) special artists out there that you should know about..

^ a close up of Agnes Pe!

^ a close up of Agnes Pe!

Agnes Pe:
I could write something about her music.. some thing along that I like it very much and that its good fun and makes me smile, but I believe sometimes a copy and paste of her official information thingy would be enough.. So here it is (copy & paste!) :
Agnès pe works on sound beyond the limits enshrined by any genre.
Her work is characterised by a fun and overwhelming attitude -all or nothing style-, covering the parameters of lo-fi music, and always seeking new ways of relating to the elements she re-composes.
She is interested in the non-common, regardless of their label.
— AH, it’s me again.. I would like to add that her music is as fun as polka, but then much more fun! Go and check this madness out over at the link:

^ Furchick

^ Furchick

The name is clearer then an artist that has no name; this chick has removed all her feathers and exchanged them for fur inplants. She changes the colors or furs regulary, but what she never changes is her positive appetite in making noise and music in all kind of ways that it will turn respected music critics into binge drinking alcoholics! She plays live with unusual instruments like a piece of ducktape, a chainsaw, a hoover.. Does collaborations but doesn’t need them as her eggs are already golden… Check her out over here and thrill your ears once again:
Furchick on facebook

^ Justin Coffman aka Hectic Head

^ Justin Coffman aka Hectic Head

Justin Coffman / Hectic Head:
I don’t know about you, but i love this guy! He is been active in the underground for many-many years; armed with guitar or electronics, going for the highs and lows with music that is out of this world, and very much into Hectic Head’s world. He has a good heart, makes awesomely strange but great music and above all is a great example of quality madness. I heard from a good source he is into private sock sex, but trust me the music will be clinically clean so you wont have to take a shower afterwords. I really think you should go and check his music out, as mad as you are being here; you will probably like it!

I.v. Martinezz / experiMENTALien / TOTAL E.T.

I.v. Martinezz / experiMENTALien / TOTAL E.T.

I.v. Martinez or better known as experiMENTALien & TOTAL E.T. (and others):
This prolific artist is a alien among humans and his music is probably the best proof of him being from another galaxy. A long time ago he was on a mission to check out on the humans down here on earth and strangely as it may seem; he fell in love with earth and magic mushrooms and decided to stay.
Now he releases lots of incredible audio trips that are actually information streams back to his home planet; but are great for human ear consumption too. think ‘beyond’ psychedelic! As you can imagine his music is far out there and basically everywhere! You might want to know a bit more about him, which you can as one of us visited him for an explicit interview.. but you can also check out the experiMENTALien on facebook and start to hunt for your own information. If you like abstract superbly weird psychedelic soundscapes that you never heard before, it’s definitely worth your hunting time!


^ Paul Mangan of ‘Clockwork Orchestra’ fame

Paul Mangan / Clockwork Orchestra
This man is not just a man, this man is Paul Mangan and he is Clockwork Orchestra! Everywhere Clockwork Orchestra comes a glorious full house of really well produced uplifting music  will try to make you forget how eccentrically mad it all is! Clockwork Orchestra makes time fly with happy story telling music, active energy, videos, live performances and songs with lots of upbeat moods, fun, fish and even a golden nose! You better move on and check it out if you did not do so.. now is your chance.. oh yes! talking about click bait for a juicy fish, doesn’t this link look delicious?

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