Lekiddo ‘Lord of The Lobsters!’

1Artist: Lekiddo
keywords: happy, good vibes, fun, sunshine, pinchy pinchy kiss kiss!

Lekiddo The Lord of the lobsters is full of happiness, love, energy, sunshine and above all positivity! Instead of keeping his good vibes for lobsters only, he obviously found his calling by finding great joy in spreading his powers of positivity above ground among the human’ beings. Lekiddo does a great job as wherever the lobster lord appears the sun will shine, and he will be in return greeted with smiles and big eyes of pure joy!  Turning  festival fields full of smiling faces is no problem for this fabulous lobster lord!

It has of course something to do with Lekiddo’s aura of love that is at least a mile in size, spreading an irresistible happiness that will change the mood of even the most grumpiest person into a jolly one! But next to this fun loving all covering aura of love, Lekiddo’s power of music, great sounding warm and funky sounding happy active voice, bright humor, his amazing lobster dance and creative ways of entertaining is also a huge part of spreading the smiles, sunshine rays and … Party vibes!

Did I already tell you that Lekiddo the Lord of the lobsters is one experience of positivity and love that you cannot and should not resist? I mean listening and watching Lekiddo ‘s video clips of his hits ‘ to the beach (summer)’ , beautiful London & This Café’ is not only fun must see/hear material; it’s also beneficial for your own health! I mean if you are hanging into a slight depression, you really should get yourself a dose of Lekiddo The Lord of the lobsters as you will be sure finding yourself smiling, laughing & dancing; perhaps you will even be able to sing along! unimaginable? Well think again!

Positive vibes, instant happiness, sunshine and fun loving energy with an energetic flair that will guarantee to make your face in an effective smile that will travel from your face to another! A concept that in the long run will change the world in to one that is a full on happy place!

Whether Lekiddo sings about a positive beautiful day in London, walking out of a hotel for a bright day on the beach, or the happenings in a happenings’ cafe; you’ll be wishing to be a lobster! As Lekiddo lord of the lobsters is probably the brightest lord out there, ready to pinchy, pinchy and kiss, kiss with lots of love! If you think this post is positive… Then expect the music to overrule it a zillion times!
1All hail Lekiddo the lobster lord!

If you like what you hear, please purchase some of these instant pieces of happiness over at the following link:
<KN / thanks to lobster fan Graham Boosey>

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